How 2022 Volkswagen Atlas Compete with Other Mid-Size SUVs?

How 2022 Volkswagen Atlas Compete with Other Mid-Size SUVs?

2022 Volkswagen Atlas isn’t a flashy SUV like many other SUVs in the mid-size category but still is quite popular due to several features. Some of the most amazing aspects of this vehicle are the abundance of room inside its cabin and money for value trims. If you want to get your hands on 2022 Atlas, it is better to book it immediately when in Seaside Volkswagen dealership.

Take a look at Atlas’ interior and pricing of trims to understand how this car became popular among mid-size SUV enthusiasts.

Interior and sufficient cabin space

The interior layout is straightforward that allows people to enjoy it ample due to its user-friendly aspect. Also, the space available for people to sit and carry luggage makes it more practical than most other SUVs in this segment. In addition, VW equipped this vehicle with a large enough third-row that can accommodate adults with large physiques comfortably. Such an abundance of space available for a cabin helps people to commute easily without any problem.

Moreover, Atlas is designed to ensure utilitarian and easy usage, which is ideal for any vehicle that is a family car. The cabin is designed and equipped to the point where a family can put anything inside and it will fit in without any hassle. Also, the storage spaces are ideal for holding numerous small items that one would need to accommodate inside this automobile.

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Apart from these, its interior is filled with tech features that make a ride excellent for everyone in the family. It consists of Apple CarPlay, Wi-Fi hotspot, Android Auto, standard 6.5-inch and option 8-inch infotainment touchscreens, wireless charging, satellite radio, USB ports throughout the cabin, and more.

The trunk or luggage space is equally impressive because of how many carry-ons it can hold behind third-row of this car. If second and third-row seats are folded, it can accommodate 38 carry-ons easily, which is more than SUVs of this category can hold. Practicality is one of the primary reasons for people choosing this vehicle over others in mid-size division.

Value for money trims

To keep things uncomplicated, Volkswagen launched just 4 versions of 2022 Atlas. The entry-level variant is SE, which costs $34,670. The SEL model costs $44,440, SEL R-Line comes at $47,050, and SEL Premium (top-tier model) costs $51,840.

If you are not looking to spend over $50k for the 2022 Atlas’ top model, then any of the other SEL models is a better option than choosing its base version. The reason for opting for either SEL or SEL R-Line is since these come with V6 enginesas standard options along with many other features that are missing from its base variant. You can know about powertrains, mileage, and other pricing aspects when you consult a Volkswagen dealer Salinas. Such functionality, practicality, and reasonable pricing are what makes the 2022 Volkswagen Atlas so popular among SUV enthusiasts globally. From cabin space to tech features, sophisticated interior design and starting price of $34k makes this vehicle a must-have mid-size SUV for families.