Working As A Travel Agent And Making The Most Of Downtime

Working As A Travel Agent And Making The Most Of Downtime

Your workday may seem drained if you’ve finished all Viator Tours customers’ travel arrangements and the dust has settled. We are aware of this and are aware of the need of keeping our thoughts engaged during this time of rest and recuperation. It’s impossible to do all of the things we’d want to do because of our hectic schedules.

We’ve been able to knock some of those large tasks off our to-do lists thanks to the temporary reduction in international travel. We can all emerge from this feeling strong and eager to get things back on track!

Make Sure That You Keep In Touch With Current And Potential Customers

Reaching back to customers who have canceled or postponed Viator Tours, or who aren’t planning any excursions shortly, may seem counterintuitive, but we believe this is merely wonderful customer service and demonstrates your concern.

As well as connecting with your customers, you may be able to perform some market research or receive ideas for your clients’ future travel plans by attending this event. The more often you communicate with them, the more likely they will be to postpone or arrange new travels.

Continually Improve One’s Skills

Have you ever thought to yourself, “If I had the time, I’d go to that seminar”? Well, it’s time to take action now by using Viator Promo Code! You may continue your professional growth, whether it’s to improve your customer service abilities or your business acumen. Starting with the Travel Institute’s Business Planning course is an excellent place to begin. In addition, there are some cost-effective options available!

Make Use Of Free Online Resources Like Webinars Or Podcasts To Learn More About

Viator Tours and the Travel Institute both provide excellent podcasts and webinars that are both free to listen to. During downtime, you may listen to podcasts or watch webinars on your computer or mobile device in the background while going about your daily activities. Avoid becoming rusty since we’re heading back to work.


However, we do believe that virtual networking (through social media) may be a terrific method to keep up-to-date and socialize – something we all need right now. Other travel counselors’ reactions to the incident are also shown here. The one thing we know about travel agents is that you are kind and helpful individuals.

Consider what Viator Tours have to offer other advisers and what you want to gain from their experience and knowledge. If you’re not currently a member of one of the many online groups for travel advisers, now is an excellent moment to join!

Expand Your Product Line And Develop A Clear Value Proposition For Your Brand.

Would you want to broaden the range of travel places that you may market to your clients? Now is the ideal moment to create new products or services. Don’t restrict yourself; there are always fresh and trendy locations to discover.

Viator Tours selling proposition and how it ties to your pitch or marketing materials should be considered when you expand your product or service offerings. Your customers will be keen to see the world as soon as travel kicks up again!

Think Of Creative Ways To Sell And Promote Your Products And Services.

Viator Tours may utilize your downtime to come up with innovative marketing strategies or fresh promotions if you’re in dire need of a creative outlet. A clever marketing campaign or an eye-catching offer should be ready when people begin to travel again.

If you were a future traveler, what would you like to have when you began traveling again? This might be a great activity for the whole family, so start the brainstorming process now!

Improve Your Present Advertising Strategy.

Viator Tours may be wondering whether your automated emails are being appreciated. Boost your marketing efforts during this period, or rename your company entirely! You may find it easier to update your digital marketing from the comfort of your own home, but you can always arrange some field marketing. To help you get started, here are a few suggestions:

Create distinct personalities for various types of passengers (couples, families, luxury travel, budget travelers, adventure-seekers, etc.)

To improve your email marketing, it’s a good idea to segment your customers based on the profiles you’ve built.

Make use of customer testimonials in your marketing by putting up a collection of them. In today’s business world, customers place a high value on social evidence.

You may add a personal touch to your emails by embedding movies into them!

Refresh Your Online Profiles.

Have Viator Tours social media accounts, like your email marketing, accumulated dust over the previous several months? You can’t go wrong with a makeover now! In addition to your website, tourists will turn to your social media presence for inspiration and confirmation when considering partnering with you. Have no idea where to begin?

Check out our guide to the fundamentals or watch our webinar for more insight. As soon as they begin planning their next vacation, they’ll remember you if you take the time to interact with them on social media immediately.

Here Are A Few Ideas:

Face-to-face communication is a powerful marketing tool. Update your social media and email accounts with images of your travels. It’s a terrific opportunity to share your best family trip with Viator Tours, and they’ll appreciate it!

With images of stunning beaches or fascinating architecture, you may inspire your friends and family. It will brighten their social media feeds and enable them to travel the globe from the comfort of their own homes.

Do good deeds and spread the good vibes. We’d love to hear from you if you have a story to tell about how your community has rallied behind individuals in need. Let your customers know about it! Even if it’s not the typical trip stuff they’re accustomed to from you, a positive attitude may go a long way in these difficult circumstances!

Identify Any Areas That Need Improvement Or Growth.

Viator Tours previously recommended ramping up your marketing but think of any other areas of growth you may concentrate on, such as team training/cross-training or customer service. Were there prior events that did not go the way you would have intended that you may take the time now to figure out how to change them in the future?

Similarly, have there been any wonderful encounters that you’ve had in working with other firms that left you thinking “Wow, what a terrific experience!” It’s a great time to think about how you might give your consumers the same quality of service you received.

Plan A Journey Of A Lifetime On Your Own Terms.

You never realize how much you take something for granted until it’s gone. This is an excellent opportunity for you to plan the Viator Tours of a lifetime for yourself! People, self-care is essential!

Allow yourself to be inspired by areas you haven’t experienced throughout the globe and start planning. Once work kicks back up again, you’ll be delighted to have a trip scheduled and on the calendar for yourself!