An Overview of the Latest Property Inspection App in 2022

An Overview of the Latest Property Inspection App in 2022

Auditing or inspecting an organisation’s core values, process, ethics, working environment, etc., have become an integral part of today’s world. Since digitalisation and automation have changed how companies conduct their businesses, it has become necessary to keep a thorough check and balance on the processes. Pick up any large organisation from various industries, and you will find an entire audit team that gets hired for managing and checking the system. These companies even hire external auditors for a thorough examination. But since inspecting is more of an internal process, organisations take the help of an inspection app to maintain the documents and generate inspection reports.

With the advancement in technology, more companies are developing next-level inspection applications. These can be used by organisations to seamlessly conduct inspections and keep a record while promoting them as ‘my inspection app’ for ease of consumers. This has become necessary because the traditional auditing or inspection process was tiring, time-consuming, inaccurate and time-consuming. It became difficult for companies to document the paperwork. Moreover, it requires a lot of time to inspect different departments or areas of the organisations, taking up weeks or months to complete and review, which often utilises a lot of time with greater chances of errors.

What is an Inspection App?

The term inspection means examining or evaluating objects, places, and people in an organized way. These usually involve conducting tests, measuring and gauging the methods on a daily basis. It is done to help companies meet the customers’ needs and wants by decreasing risks and errors in operations that often leads to losses. Depending on your preference, inspections can be of many types and various things. Usually, they revolve around inspecting an organization and its related departments to identify risks and take proactive actions against them. It was an internal process, conducted manually and recorded on paper. But since managing them became complicated, people have moved toward digitalizing the process.

The inspection app led companies to conduct smooth and regular inspections that assured the right strategy and working policies. It checked the day to day operations, working environment, employee performance, machinery used, tools, financial accounts, quality of products or services, etc. This enabled organisations to keep a check and balance that helped them later in the auditing process. They did not have to worry about examining the company in depth before external auditors could do it. It saves them from potential risks that might lead to higher managing costs, leading to bigger losses.

Property Inspection Apps 

We have talked a lot about different types of applications that have changed the business dynamics, helping them improve or implement a better strategy. One of such areas of inspection is the property industry which needs the utmost attention and examination to enhance productivity via automation, aligning workflows to increase performance. These apps leverage inspectors to focus on critical operations instead of menial tasks. Since the property businesses are prospering with people getting more involved in investments, they require a thorough check. These apps have helped companies with real-time report generation and documentation. It has even leveraged them with an option to add proof in the form of photos, videos and digital signatures, making the process much faster and more accurate.

Two types of property applications let companies examine buildings and other properties thoroughly: the out–of–the–box app and custom-built solutions. The first inspection app aligns with the mobile app inspection for properties. However, it is not as flexible and reliable as the custom-built apps that provide high functionality. Let’s look at a few of the top property inspection apps.

Top 4 Property Inspection Applications

  1. Jotform

The application eliminates the idea of paperwork in the form of checklists and forms that needed to be filled out and managed in olden times. The Jotform facilitates property businesses with customised forms, personalised templates, instant inspections and accurate reports. It even lets companies add their logo on the inspection forms while allowing them to add photos for a more professional report. The images serve as proof that gets seen by higher management to take instant action, improving its accuracy. Proprietors can personalise the setting and delivery like email, form sharing, or speed up the report delivery time for all stakeholders.

  1. AppSheet

Another inspection application for properties has to be the AppSheet, a custom-built application inspecting various platforms. It enables businesses to design and create their own inspection applications without coding, letting them manage and check side by side. Further, it facilitates companies with offline data access, barcode scanners, GPS, digital signatures, etc. It helps property owners customise their inspections through an Excel spreadsheet or database. What could get better than conducting your own inspections and proactively mitigating potential risks? This app even offers a free trial period for its customers to gauge its accuracy and reliability.

  1. zInspector

Proprietors looking for an affordable onsite inspection app can count on Inspector that leverages its users with advanced functionalities. It includes digital signatures, maps, offline mode, video and picture uploading options and documentation. All the information or data gets saved in Google Drive or Dropbox. Besides this, it customises the templates for businesses and eliminates the need for Excel. It comes with a free plan that facilitates a single user with up to five property inspections. After this, the company needs to purchase a package depending on its budget to use its services.

  1. Happy Inspector

Happy Inspector is considered the most expensive yet advanced inspection application with an attractive, intuitive, and user-friendly interface. It offers multiple integration and API tools that help personalise the user experience according to their work operations. Like other applications, it lets businesses choose a template, conduct inspections, add videos or photos as proof, sign the assessment, generate reports and document it for later use. It even lets them analyse and compare with previous inspections in real-time, making it worth every penny.The inspection app has revolutionised how companies maintain a check on their operations, employees and work environment. It has saved time and money by automating all the tasks letting the app do it all for them. Moreover, it has saved businesses from going into losses by conducting regular inspections, highlighting the areas that need attention and taking proactive action to reduce risks and losses.