Best Online Learning Platform in India

Best Online Learning Platform in India

Whether you want to gain new marketable talents or simply want to learn more about a subject. Online learning platforms are a terrific way to learn on your own time. You may also finish courses faster and save money by taking virtual classes rather than in-person sessions. In fact, as compared to in-person learning, people learn 40 percent quicker on digital platforms.

Online learning systems provide credentials sometimes. While others are merely meant to help you improve your personal and professional abilities. Here are the best online learning platform available in India right now, including Edneed and Coursera.

List of the best Online Learning Platform


Coursera has worked with over 200 of the world’s most prestigious institutions and businesses. It provides courses that will enrich your education and help you advance in your profession. Professors may create classes, publish videos, assign and mark quizzes as well as homework assignments. Like other aspects that would be present in a “true” online college class using the platform.

Each course is charged separately (the lowest start at $30 to $40 and go up from there). However in certain cases you can buy a “track” or certification/degree programme that includes several courses (and occasionally at a discount). For $399 a year, you may gain unlimited access including over 3,000 courses with Coursera Plus. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to an online college experience without actually enrolling in one. It is the best online learning platform available right now.


In comparison to other online learning sites, Udemy offers the most courses offered, with 183,000 programmes. With over 65,000 instructors, you’ll be able to locate an expert to teach a course in almost any subject. The site is more of a gateway or repository.  Students can access far over 100,000 courses on any topic conceivable, rather than a single “platform.” Lessons in programming and IT, business skills, teaching, productivity, and far more may be found alongside language, arts, music, and fitness classes.

Each class is charged separately because it is designed and taught by a different person. The cost of lifetime access to a single course can vary from as little as $11 to $15 to as much as $200 or more.


Skillshare is a subscription-based online learning platform where users may learn about approximately 70 different creative areas. Like creative writing, graphic design, and photography. While many online platforms provide college-style programmes, Skillshare is less formal and focuses on strengthening creative abilities.

The platform offers business and marketing training. The majority of the courses are in the creative arts, taught by real professionals in those fields. Like photography, cinema, animation, visual arts, writing, interior design, etc. Students who sign up for Skillshare can take as many or as few courses as they wish. They’re registered because the company uses a subscription model rather than a per-course pricing approach. The current price is $168 per year (about $14 per month) and is one of the best online learning platform available.


MasterClass courses draw on celebrity knowledge and experience. Like Gordon Ramsey’s culinary skills and Anna Wintour’s leadership abilities, to offer in-depth courses on a wide range of topics. Although MasterClass provides more than simply creative classes. Its most popular are those that include A-list actors, authors, painters, singers, and others as instructors.

These aren’t just one-time “talk” seminars either. Like a regular course, most courses feature roughly 20 lessons. This allows you to delve deeply into your chosen topic.

These aren’t just one-time “talk” seminars either: Like a regular course, most courses feature roughly 20 lessons. This allows you to delve deeply into your chosen topic. If you want to understand more about these often-mysterious professions. There’s no better approach than to hear from those who have previously succeeded.


The Learning Management System serves as the foundation for all online educational activities. Despite the fact that there are several items on the market. Not every one of them meets the demands of the institutes. Due to a lack of deep information about the demands, educational institutions often purchase the incorrect product. However, it’s better to be late than never. So, if you’re looking for a new LMS or want to move from your current one. Edneed is the option for you.

Edneed is a one-stop shop for any digital solution a school or university requires. Software for learning management systems should be practical, straightforward, and easy to use. Edneed LMS has all of the capabilities you’ll need to satisfy your institution’s demands. The programme has been divided into features and roles. The learning management system software is completely under the control of the super admin. All teachers and students, on the other hand, will have their own profiles with specifically created action buttons.

There are much more online learning platforms than before, and the sheer quantity of alternatives may be overwhelming. Although, these are the best online learning platforms in India. We’ve chosen the categories that we believe will be most beneficial to adults and professionals, rather than youngsters.