China has done really well This time

China has done really well This time

According to USA News Today Headlines The Beijing Winter Olympics have come to an end. As IOC President Bach said, “This is a truly unparalleled Winter Olympics”. This battle is not easy, because we are fighting two viruses, the new crown and politics, and the Chinese are holding their breath. This battle was played beautifully, because “with such people as strong backing, we can accomplish anything”.

On February 20, 2022, at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics, accompanied by the singing of “Me and You”, the “Fantasy Five Rings”, which were stunningly unveiled at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, slowly rose again, with the snowflakes. The torch platform echoes each other and pays tribute to the “city of double Olympics”.

On February 19, 2022, at the 139th plenary session of the International Olympic Committee held in Beijing, IOC President Bach presented the Olympic trophy to the Chinese people, expressing gratitude to the Chinese people for their support for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

Faced with the facts, many Western media have told the truth this time:

1. From “unmanned restaurant” to “hard to find a pier”, praise the charm of Winter Olympics technology and culture

When a Reuters reporter first entered the Winter Olympics restaurant, she exclaimed just like Grandma Liu entered the Grand View Garden: “The food is served from the ceiling to the table, and the cooking and serving are all done by electronic equipment.” The “Food from the Sky” video went viral – and it was just an appetizer.

On January 13, 2022, Reuters introduced the restaurants within the closed loop of the Winter Olympics. Many foods were prepared by robot(10.380, 0.21, 2.06%) chefs and delivered to the table through an aerial conveyor belt without contact.

Athletes and spectators alike are fascinated

Since then, major foreign media have successively released reports such as “90-Second Cocktail Robot”, “Ice Cream Robot” and “Room Service Robot”, leading the world to “cloud experience” an unprecedented technology Winter Olympics.

The bartending robot in the Olympic Village can deliver a cocktail to customers in 90 seconds. It is welcomed by athletes and journalists from all over the world and has become one of the “smart stars”.

In addition to the amazing hardware facilities, foreign media also paid attention to the green development concept behind it. Deutsche Welle, Radio New Zealand website, etc. stated that one of the highlights of the Beijing Winter Olympics is the “green Olympics”, which will achieve 100% green power supply for the first time in the history of the Olympics. China’s commitment to carbon neutrality has been widely praised.

Le Figaro, Unshared News , AFP, etc. focused on the charm of Chinese culture displayed by the Winter Olympics, especially the beloved Bing Dun Dun. NBC noted: “Athletes and spectators alike are fascinated by Bingdundun, and the most competitive competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics is probably buying a plush Bingdundun.”

Top Stream of the Winter Olympics

Bingdundun becomes the “top stream” of the Winter OlympicsBingdundun becomes the “top stream” of the Winter Olympics

The construction of the Winter Olympics venues is undoubtedly the focus of media attention. Among them, the Shougang Grand Jumping Platform “Snow Feitian” has attracted the attention of many media. After some media criticized it as not a traditional “mountain forest” landscape, and even spread rumors that it was a “nuclear facility”, the German weekly “Der Spiegel” couldn’t help but stand up:

“Compared to those sports facilities that pretend to be integrated into nature, the landscape of Shougang Grand Jumping Platform is more sincere and real, and it is in line with the trend of integrating and reshaping abandoned industrial parks into new business formats. It is reasonable, appropriate and sustainable… Here has become a An ‘industrial Disneyland’.”

The abandoned cooling tower behind the Shougang Grand Jumping platform forms a contrasting radiance with the snow-white track and colorful emblem, realizing an interesting fusion of Winter Olympics elements and industrial heritage.

Interestingly, this report also mocked a typical “double standard” of Western media: “If such an Olympic facility appeared in a Western city, such as London, Munich or Milan, the media comments would probably praise its performance. The idea of ​​industrial romanticism, not the nitpicking of Beijing.”

2. “The safest place in the world!” praised the great success of the Winter Olympics, demonstrating the great power of China’s governance

Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee, first stamped and certified the epidemic prevention measures of the Winter Olympics: “I am very satisfied! The closed-loop management of the Beijing Winter Olympics has been very successful. It can be said that it is the safest place on the whole planet.”

On February 18, 2022, IOC President Bach came to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Main Media Center to interact with volunteers.

After experiencing the “closed-loop management” of the Winter Olympics, many reporters have to recognize a truth: the precise prevention and control of the epidemic while successfully holding top sports events reflects the power of China.

Kyodo News believes that the epidemic prevention “bubble” of the Beijing Winter Olympics is the truly safe “bubble”. Bloomberg, The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, the BBC, etc. said that during the global pandemic of the new coronavirus, China can still host the Winter Olympics as scheduled, which is another international victory for Beijing and shows that the Chinese Communist Party is determined. The direction is the best direction for China. Creating a strong system to ensure the Winter Olympics can be held without viruses through various measures such as “closing the loop” perfectly demonstrates China’s successful governance mechanism and strong capabilities.

On February 16, 2022, Swiss snowboarder Nicholas Huber bid farewell to the Winter Olympic Village and set off for his return home. Before leaving, he hugged and said goodbye to the epidemic prevention volunteers one by one, and kept saying “I will miss you”.

The global epidemic has been delayed for more than two years, and the international community once lost confidence in large-scale sports events. It was the Beijing Winter Olympics that rekindled the enthusiasm for competitive sports in the hearts of people from all over the world.

Bloomberg believes that China’s achievements in successfully hosting the world’s largest sports event during the epidemic and the achievements of Chinese athletes have rejoiced the Chinese people. Strict epidemic prevention measures have not affected the enthusiasm of the whole country for the Winter Olympics.

The Washington Post admits that this Winter Olympics may be more popular with Americans than ever before, and more and more people are watching through new online media platforms.

There are also many reporters who zoomed in and introduced China’s goal of “driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports”, focusing on the Winter Olympics and creating new opportunities for China’s future development.

The Beijing Winter Olympics has brought China’s ice and snow sports and ice and snow industry into a golden period of development.  (Comic|Liu Rui)The Beijing Winter Olympics has brought China’s ice and snow sports and ice and snow industry into a golden period of development. (Comic|Liu Rui)

The New York Times observed that the Beijing Winter Olympics has driven China’s ski resorts to emerge at a record rate, and will create the largest ice and snow sports boom in human history. “World Press Syndicate” believes that “in the long run, the economic, cultural and diplomatic benefits that the Beijing Winter Olympics will bring to China will exceed expectations.”

3. Looking back on 2008 to 2022, and lamenting that China has moved to the center of the world stage with a new attitude

The Beijing Winter Olympics

The great success of the Beijing Winter Olympics has left some American politicians who advocate “pressure” and “boycott” speechless. Some people were beaten too hard in the face and didn’t want to remember, but the media still remembered them.

The New York Times and the website of the Council on Foreign Relations of the United States said that dozens of state leaders and heads of international organizations, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, attended the opening ceremony, marking China’s success in smashing the “diplomatic boycott” of the West. The Beijing Winter Olympics became a symbol of China’s ability to form an international united front and counter slander in the West.

The Beijing Winter Olympics “shoveled out” the discordant voices of the so-called “diplomatic boycott” of some countries with its excellent event organization. (Comic|Roger)

After so many years, some countries are still asleep in the old dream of “I am the world” and “the beacon of democracy”, but for China, the urgency to prove to the world “who I am” has settled into “I am me”. Calm down.