Make a list of unfamiliar English words

Make a list of unfamiliar English words

Hello and welcome to the website 

Random Word Generator“, is an online tool for creating unfamiliar English words, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. I designed this tool using older JavaScript and CSS (design). When you click the Create Shared Words button, it removes the random words randomly from the small database of hand-picked English words.

There are many options for filtering random words that fit your needs.

What are your options?

(1) Number of words: Enter the number or select a number in the spinner control. By adjusting the numbers, you can select the number of unusual words created. The default value is 7. So, when you first open this page it creates 7 unfamiliar words. (2) The following two are not random: the first and last letters. This will help you clear up words that begin (end) or end with a selected alphabet or letter.

Once you have set your preferences, click the Create Shared Words button and it will create a list of unusual words. Each word created can be selected by simply clicking on the word. After you have selected some words, look for the list of words you have selected. In the meantime, if you want more words in the list, click “Create Random Word” again in the new word list.

Who can use this tool?

Anyone can use this. However, I have designed this tool for teachers and students. In fact, the idea came from my son Shauvik. She is a student of Delhi Community School and is currently in 7th grade. He even designed the banner.

While playing the “Spell-O-Fun” game with his mother (who is a sports instructor at the same school), he struggled to find the name of the game. Children have difficulty spelling and sometimes even have difficulty remembering words. That is where Shauvik came up with the idea. Although there are many such tools on the internet today, he wanted me to create one fun and learn new words at the same time. My son has done a final test on this device. A few bugs have been fixed and some new features have been introduced.

It is helpful for children to check their vocabulary, prepare for a spelling test, and so on. Teachers can use word generators to teach learners how to use words in sentences.

You may find this tool useful when playing other word games, such as the Dictionary. The word generator is also used to describe a website name, new brand, product name, etc. Just think of the letter, type the letter in the box and then press a button. You will find many words that can give you an idea of a new product or brand. Or, just do it for fun.

Random name generator

There are an estimated one million words in English. We cut some fat to remove strange sounds and indicators. Then we grabbed the most popular words and created this word randomizer. Keep producing – you will probably never get a repeat!

Unusual word game

As an English student activity, make a list of ten random words and ask the learner to write a story so that they can be included in the order in which they are made.