Email Security for Your Organization – EmailAuth

Email Security for Your Organization – EmailAuth

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Keep your company safe from spam, spyware, ransomware, and phishing assaults. With targeted threat protection, data leak prevention, and enforced email security policies, EmailAuth protects employee communication and lowers risk. Office 365 necessitates an additional degree of security. More than 1000+ customers across the world rely on EmailAuth for ubiquitous email security across three unique zones: at the email boundary, within the network and organization, and beyond the perimeter.

Email Security for Your Organization
Email Security for Your Organization – EmailAuth

Spear Phishing

The primary distinction between spear phishing and phishing is the method utilized by hackers to carry out illicit behavior. Spear phishing is a type of phishing that is targeted and customized to a certain person, group, or organization. Regular phishing emails, on the other hand, employ a broad-brush strategy that entails sending bulk emails to large databases of unwary contacts.

Regular phishing emails are frequently hastily prepared and typically do not include any personal information about the receiver. Spear phishing can be much more harmful than regular phishing because of its hyper-targeted nature. A spear-phishing email message’s familiar tone and content make it difficult for the ordinary user to notice hints of scam, raising the threat level of this sort of cyber assault.

Email Security 3.0 guards against these threats in all three zones:

  • DMARC is deployed both at your email perimeter and inside it.
  • HumanFirewall reduces the risk posed by human error inside your organization
  • EmailRemediator neutralizes spam and fake emails and helps you safeguard your inbox.

Impersonation Attacks and Remediation

Impersonation techniques are frequently used in spear phishing emails. They imitate your executives, staff, business partners, and well-known online companies by spoofing the sender and/or sending domain in order to illegally take money or data from your unwary consumers. EmailAuth delivers spear phishing solutions in all three zones to defend your company, users, and brand from impersonation attacks.

Internal Threat Protection

Internal email risks can arise as a result of a hacked email account, a rogue employee, or as an unintended consequence of a human mistake. Furthermore, no single email security measure is 100% effective. As a result, internal emails must be regularly monitored to detect dangers that the gateway cannot detect, such as email account takeover and new threats identified after delivery. EmailAuth is implemented inside your email perimeter to identify, contain, and automatically remediate problems.


Beyond identifying and stopping an initial malware infection at the email border, ransomware prevention must go further. Malware can infiltrate your business through various channels, and cyberattacks frequently use the web channel to communicate with command and control servers and obtain the encryption keys required to finish the cyberattack.

Advanced ransomware protection is provided by EmailAuth email security services:

  • Email Security helps prevent the early spread of ransomware at your perimeter.
  • EmailRemediator is capable of detecting and remediating harmful emails on your email platform.
  • HumanFirewall warns your users not to open any suspicious attachments that may contain ransomware.

If a ransomware-infected file is run, ransomware solutions include EmailAuth, which can block outbound connections to command and control servers and prevent the cyber assault from finishing. All in all, EmailAuth is the one-stop solution for all your Email authentication services including DMARC, SPF, DKIM, etc. Check out EmailAuth today!