Best Menthol Flavoured E Liquids

Best Menthol Flavoured E Liquids

It’s cool to be cool, and with menthol in your shortfill e liquids you can be sure to stay cool year round. We’ve tested thousands of menthol e liquids to bring you a list of the 5 best menthol flavoured e liquids available in the UK right now.

There are several different types of menthol that can be found in shortfill e liquids in the UK.

Menthol has a crisp minty bite, with a great throat hit that is the classic menthol people love.
Koolada has less taste to it, and produces the cooling effect much sooner.

WS-23 is a stronger cooling sensation than Koolada, but fades quicker.

1 – Doozy Vape Co Seriously Nice Blue Razz Ice

Doozy Vape Co are one of the biggest (and one of the original) shortifll e liquid manufacturers in the UK. With their “Seriously” range of 100ml shortfills, not only are their flavours Seriously Fruity, they are also Seriously Nice! Seriously Nice Blue Razz ice is a delicious blue raspberry paired with a refreshing menthol to keep things cool.

2 – Yeti Lemonade

Yeti live up to their name, and these monster flavours are as ice cold as they come. Yeti Lemonade is a perfect citrus lemonade with a dose of cool refreshing menthol.

3 – Dinner Lady Cola Shades

The biggest (and arguably the best) shortfill manufacturer in the UK bring you this ice cold delight. Dinner Lady Cola Shades – a deliciously authentic cola with a twist of lemon served on the rocks. Guaranteed to quench your vaping thirst.

4 – Rebellion Frozen Citrus Fracas

Rebellion may not be the biggest name in the business, but their shortfills are among some of the most popular e liquids in the UK right now. Bringing the same quality you expect from their dessert based Mum’s Home Baked range, Rebellion is a flavour packed fruit range without the massive premium price tag. Rebellion Frozen Citrus Fracas mixes lemon, grapefruit and fresh menthol notes

5 – Element Frost

One of the original names in the e liquid game, Element are still producing some of the most popular flavours that vapers keep asking for. Element Frost is a menthol like no other – Element Frost is a distinct menthol flavour you won’t forget. It is both sweet and cool with layers of mint and ice combined for an altogether fresh tasting vape experience.

Each vaper has a flavour profile they like, and in this article we’ve focused on those that like things cool with a hint of menthol.

By purchasing your e liquid form a reputable supplier, you can ensure that you are not only getting quality products for a great price, you can be sure that you will be getting a fresh, clean and crisp menthol bite from your e liquid.

If you trying more of the different menthol shortfill e liquids available,  you can find out which of the three cooling varieties you prefer and find more of that style of cooling to be sure to pick which you prefer to give you that perfect e liquid for your device.