4 Employee Portal Features That Are A Must Have

Whether you run a small business or large, having an application that keeps all your employees engaged and creates a collaborative environment is a must. The best corporate intranet makes sure everyone in the company accomplishes these goals easily. Here are some must-have features that your intranet should have.


The very first feature is that your company’s employee portal must have an effective search. This is one of the most critical features that is quite underrated in the industry. But it is high time that we understand, spending unnecessary time searching for the information hampers productivity of an employee and the firm as a whole. If the employees are not able to find what they are looking for, the project can be affected. Adn this can also lead to failure of a project, in case of tight deadlines. When an intranet portal has no search option, employees are forced to spend all the time searching or recreating the documents they need. Both of these cases create a negative option and on the timely deliveries and productivity.


Another essential feature for an employee intranet portal is a blog. It is again a useful feature that helps employees to publish and create content. And not only employees but even leaders get to publish and write the content, make announcements etc with such a common platform. Leaders and other employees can even exchange personal messages, share details about a project, send feedback and add comments.


Next must have a feature that the best intranet platforms have is a help desk. This is something that is like a guiding light which helps everyone find the destination through the right process. Not everyone has technical knowledge. Helpdesk helps bring everyone to the same level. All the employees who might have technology issues can easily take tech support from helpdesk and get rid of their problems in no time. This is also helpful for the companies who already have an IT department. An IT department is definitely hired to look out for technical requirements of the employees. But the problem arises when in the process of resolving queries of employees, their other tasks suffer. Hence a help desk is essential.


Within the last two years, the corporate industry has understood the need of mobility for their organisation. There are employees working from home, while others that are hired remotely. Such employees need to come on one single platform so that they can exchange ideas, discuss projects and talk one to one. Every organisation needs an employee portal that is suitable for mobile use as an app. This way any of the employees can have its access and can easily connect to the other team members by using one single app. He or she need not rush between different apps for talking, sendung files etc. With the evolving era, having business on the go has become the need of the hour. Hecne everyone working in an organisation should not be tied to their desks. They should have access to all the tools as well as resources around the clock.

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Author: rannywatson