3 Reasons Why Cell Phone Jammers Are Illegal

3 Reasons Why Cell Phone Jammers Are Illegal

Cell phone jammers can prevent you and others from making 911 and other emergency calls. In addition to disrupting other routine forms of communication, it can also pose a dangerous risk to public safety communications.

In this article, Perfectjammer explains what to do if you have any questions or concerns about how jammers work, why they’re illegal in the US, if legitimate communications are broken, or cell phone jammers.

How do cell phone jammers work?

Cell phone jammers work by sending out a radio frequency (RF) signal that is stronger than power from the nearest cell phone base station or tower. The frequency of the RF signal is similar to that of cellular carriers and makes the phone unstable. Jamming occurs in the downlink signal. If the phone is stuck, the signal bar will not appear on the phone.

The cell phone jammer not only blocks the signal, but also suppresses all cell phone frequencies, so that an emergency call 911 is not possible. This is one of the main reasons cell phone jammers are so dangerous, besides disrupting daily communications and receiving public safety messages and announcements. When someone urgently needed mobile communications, a potentially dangerous situation arose.

For these reasons, cell phone jammers are illegal in many countries. If someone uses it in the United States, it is against federal law.

Cell phone interference is prohibited in the United States

Like many countries, the United States has banned the use of cell phone jammers in almost all use cases.

According to the Federal Communications Commission, “Federal law prohibits the operation, marketing, or marketing of interference equipment that interferes with authorized wireless communications, such as z) or sale.)”

It is also illegal to sell, distribute, advertise, import, or sell sabotage devices to US consumers. The use or marketing of jammers in the United States may affect an individual in the following ways:

Substantial fines (up to $ 11,000 fine)

Confiscation of illegal equipment

Criminal sanctions, including imprisonment

There are no tax exemptions for use in your home, business, vehicle, or classroom. Local law enforcement agencies have no independent authority to use jammers. Federal law enforcement agencies may use sabotage devices in accordance with applicable law with certain limited exceptions.

Signal interference is prohibited, but cell phone detectors are legal in the United States.

What should I do if the correct communication is lost?

Do you suspect the jammer is causing interference? A poor network connection can be caused by several factors, including:

Broken equipment

Physical barriers that block signals

Legal device operating on the same frequency

Before filing a complaint through the FCC Consumer Complaint Center, troubleshoot device and connectivity problems as recommended by the manufacturer and service provider. In addition to consulting the company’s operating instructions and technical support, an Internet search for devices / models and specific problems can help identify or rule out possible causes.

Learn more about cell phone jammers and legal detection solutions

For some of Perfectjammer’ overseas customers, we offer cell phone jamming solutions with cell phone recognition technology. This combination of solutions is called “on-demand jamming”. In this case, the zone guard is programmed to turn on the cell phone jammer when it detects that a call has been sent. When the detected transmission stops, the jammer is turned off.