4 Types Of Bathroom Shower Tiles To Go For

4 Types Of Bathroom Shower Tiles To Go For

Bathrooms are one of those few rooms that are used by many. Therefore keeping them in place and up to date is essential. And talking about the essential aspects of this important room, bathroom shower tiles top the list. When you design a bathroom there are several things that you need to coniaswer. From the color of the floor tiles to shower tiles, everything has to be pre decided. The reason being the fact that only those tiles which can handle water are good for the bathroom. Here are some of the types of bathroom shower tiles that you can consider for your bathroom.

Porcelain or Ceramic Tile

Out of the several options available in the market for shower tiles, ceramic tiles are one of the most classic ones. Well, they are not only classic but attractive as well as cheap too. They have a lot of versatility in them which is loved and explored by everyone. The tiles are easy to clean and can have any type of custom designs. These are all those reasons which make porcelain or ceramic tiles popular amongst people. Whatever shape or pattern you demand for, ceramic tiles can be moulded into the same. Porcelain tiles have 0.5% more absorption rate than ceramic tiles. And this is why this particular type of ceramic tiles are used more than any other type of bathroom shower tile.

Vinyl Tile

Another most preferred bathroom shower tile has to be the vinyl tile. Again, they are attractive and a practical choice to make. For example if you are expecting a lot of water on the floor then sheet vinyl flooring is what you should go for. Vinyl tiles are super affordable and can be best suited to kids’ bathrooms due to their quality of having not too many seams. When we talk about the luxury vinyl plank flooring, the planks are usually 5inches wide and 48-50 inches long.

Apart from the fact that how amazing these bathroom shower tiles are at handling water, they are also available in almost all types and styles. So depending upon your interior you can stick to any decor style for your bathroom too. Just make sure the seams are tight while you get them installed as that is the only thing that makes it water absorbent.

Natural Stone Tile

If you are into beautiful tiles and the appearance of the tiles matter for you more than anything than natural stone tiles are what you need. They are an expensive affair but definitely worth investing. There are several natural stone bathroom tiles that can be used in flooring or as shower tiles. It is us who need to decide what type of stone we need for our bathroom.

Marble Tile

Marble tiles are a type of stone tiles that are known for their beauty as well as elegance. Marble being naturally porous makes it unprepared for water, therefore all you need to make sure is it gets sealed properly while installation so that it can last long. Whichever bathroom shower tile you end up choosing, consider the durability too.