A comprehensive approach to maintain Granite counter tops

A comprehensive approach to maintain Granite counter tops

Granite is one of the easiest natural stones to up keep for. That said, it will still ask care in order to stay in great shape. This guide will aid you learn how to properly care for this incredible natural stone using our UK granite cleaning products. Considering that granite counter-tops are such a momentous investment for any home, you will want to ascertain that the surfaces do not sustain damages as a result of poor care.

Improper Cleaning

Although granite is one of the tough-minded materials you can find, it can still get damaged in a few methods. Improper cleaning includes using rough cleaning products such as ammonia or bleach to clean your granite countertop. Cleansing with either one of these products, or any other cleaner that is acidic, can negatively affect our granite. Rather than these cleaners, you should only use UK granite cleaning products that are fashioned for use with granite and natural stone, such as our products. Don’t go for any abrasive tools to clean, for example, steel wool or Brillo pads. Go for a soft cloth instead.

Shield Your Granite

To shield your granite counter-top from stains and liquid damages, you must seal the surface tightly. This engages applying a sealant to your granite counter-tops in order to fill the pores that lie in the stone. This process will forbid stains and liquids from penetrating the surface, which permits your granite counter-tops to retain their amazing looks. Nevertheless, if you do not fasten up your granite counter-tops, you are leaving them hypersensitive to damages. Plus, you will require to re-seal granite periodically, as the sealer wears off after a while. Typically, granite counter-tops only need to be sealed annually.


1    Pick up a sealer

2    Apply to the granite countertop

3    Wait for 15 to 20 minutes

4    Get away with excess sealer from the surface

5    Let your countertop rest for 24 hours so the sealer can cure

The following is a list of some other tips accompanying cleaning and maintaining granite counter-tops.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

Even if your stone is sealed, it is never a good idea to leave any spills sitting on your countertop for a longer period of time. If you do, it could potentially cause intense stains if your seal is not at full strength.

Use Coasters for Beverages

Although not usual, granite can retain water stains. One of the causes of water stains is condensation from beverages that have been sitting on the countertop for much long. To get away with water rings and other stains, make sure to always place a coaster underneath your beverage cups/glasses.

Use Trivets and Hot Pads

One of the huge benefits of granite is that the stone is much resistant to heat. But even though it is heat resistant, this does not necessarily indicate it is heat proof. Make use of trivets and hot pads if you are going to put any hot pots or hot pans on your granite countertop. While these items are not certain to cause damages, you are better off exercising as much of the cautions as possible.

Do not use any cleaning tools that are harsh in nature, as you may scratch the surface of the counter-top. Granite counter-tops are scratch resistant. When cleaning, use a soft cloth or a sponge, along with a mild UK granite cleaning product to avoid any potential abrasions.

Use Cutting Boards

Granite counter-tops are so difficult that they will actually dull a kitchen knife used on the surface. In the interest of shielding your knives, besides being a good idea in general, use a cutting board while preparing food.

Do Not Use Tile or Grout Cleaners

Never utilize tile or grout cleaners to clean your kitchen counter-tops. Some of these products comprise of harsh chemicals that can scratch or dull your granite.

Do Not Store Liquids on Your Granite Countertop

Another helpful tip for keeping your granite in proper shape is to assure you do not store liquids on the surface. Cooking oils, perfumes or lotions are just a few instances of liquids that can leak and potentially cause damages.

Careless actions consider behavior such as jumping, sitting, kneeling or leaning on your granite countertop. Granite counter-tops typically do not crack, but can if you jump, sit on, kneel on or lean on the surfaces. These indemnity that can easily be confronted.