How To Utilize Your Gift Boxes To Attract Children To Them?

How To Utilize Your Gift Boxes To Attract Children To Them?

Beautiful yet practical gifts like candles are a gift that everyone loves to have. However, a stylish and decorative presentation is necessary for such gifts. The customized candle gift boxes are a solution that adds value to these gifts. Availability of the custom sizes and design for these boxes help brands add versatility to stand out. Including the custom options further makes this epitome of light products a luxury option. Window addition, foiling, scoring, and perforation is options that customers love to have in packaging. High-quality custom printing with modern offset or digital printers does the rest of the job to attract customers.

The positioning of products in gift form inspires everyone regardless of age and gender factors. However, children get influenced more quickly by such displays. For example, a candle business can also use specially customized candle gift boxes to attract children. However, using these boxes intelligently is vital according to the nature of kids and using best practices. Learn how to use these gift boxes to attract children to retail stores. 

Decorate Candle Gift Boxes With Add-Ons:

When wrapped or packaged in a traditional thematic manner, kids are attracted to a gift. You can make it possible by adding the different embellishments externally on the boxes for candles. Decorate these boxes with different kinds of ribbons. Use wide fabric ribbons in catchy black, blue or white colors. You can also decide about the color of the stripes according to the targeted event.

Moreover, satin or straightforward stretch bows over box edges also make them appealing. Such embellishments will inspire children to buy those gifts for friends, family, or themselves. It all happens because of the presentation and visibility of fancy candles on the retail shelves. 

Adopt A Window Display Strategy:

One of the most effective and working strategies to attract people of any age is using a window in candle boxes bulk. However, this strategy puts an impression on children of young ages especially. Using a QR code to guide the products does not work for them. Kids get an influence and profound impact only after seeing the actual products. This window will allow kids to see the inside candles or any other product you are dealing in. Therefore, the probability of purchase becomes higher in the case of using these boxes rather than using ordinary packaging. Additionally, their parents would finalize the purchase after ensuring the quality of candles by seeing through this window. 

Animate Candle Gift Boxes Design:

Kids are naturally prone to get attracted to objects printed with animated illustrations. Thus, you need to target this nature of children and get an animated design for candle gift boxes. Set the design layout of packaging in a storytelling way so that children could easily understand the purpose of the product. Introduce multiple characters in the design to define a story of how these candles have various uses. Guide them about their usage in science projects, birthdays, or celebrating their parents’ anniversaries. Hire a professional designer or ask the same packaging firm to set such a design layout for your gift candle boxes. Meanwhile, ensure to use catchy colors in the design and get it under the CMYK color scheme. 

Use Gift Specific Signs In Design:

Here is a pro tip before you head further toward another way to utilize the candle packaging design to attract children. Ask your retailers to display these gift products on the lower racks of the retail shelves. It will help you attract kids easily because of the product placement according to their height. Now, let’s come to the point of attracting them through these boxes using some gift-specific signs. Elders are always confused about making a purchase decision of gift items. But, symptoms like a wrapped gift with the addition of ribbons over the box eliminate this confusion in children. They quickly become willing to add that gift to the cart and head toward the billing counter with their parents. 

Print Product Name In Big Custom Fonts:

Printing the name of products is vital over the candle shipping boxes to facilitate both the retailers and buyers. Meanwhile, you can add a charm to this need to create an attraction element for kids. Make this name highly visible by using big-size fonts. A better technique to opt for in this regard is using custom fonts rather than regular ones. Turn the alphabetic letters into animated characters. This creative approach will specifically fantasize the kids and draw their attention quickly. You can also create a pattern by using different sizes for all fonts. Moreover, indicate the items inside cheap candle boxes through some specific letters. For example, changing the letter into the shape of a candle will make the packaging more noticeable. 

Use Custom Stickers For Unboxing:

Kids are always curious to know what is inside a box and wait to unwrap the gift items. Therefore, make the unboxing of candle gift box packaging special. Divide the process of taking a product out into different stages to double the unboxing experience. Make it memorable by using the add-ons first. Moreover, choose a stylish way to take effect out. A sleeve and drawer phenomenon is best in this regard. Make it unique by placing the luxury inserts or dividers in the candle box. You can make the lid opening creative using the magnetic hinged lid or a separate removable lid. 

Understanding children’s behavior on their first look at the candle gift boxes is a key to grabbing their attention quickly. Meanwhile, I prefer to go with the packaging firms having modern printers. It will make the custom design engaging and fresh for a longer duration. Please focus on the animated characters and fonts you are using and make them memorable to leave an impression on their parents.