4 Steps To Find Out What To Sell On Amazon

4 Steps To Find Out What To Sell On Amazon

While thinking of making some online purchases, your mind might direct you to go to Amazon. If that is true, you are not alone. Amazon has over 300 million active users (That is twice the whole population of Russia!) Almost two-thirds of Americans have purchased something from Amazon (That is more than 90% of the US online shoppers!) — that’s very much of the two-day shipping.

Amazon is an e-commerce behemoth, and this company is moving quickly into other markets such as grocery, streaming services, food delivery, video games, music, fashion, and also healthcare. This vertical integration is making it even harder for smaller businesses to stay competitive.

If you are looking for increasing profits from your e-commerce business, it is time to begin selling on Amazon! Ready to get your feet wet? Wondering how to make a lot of money by selling on Amazon? So, let’s have a look at how to sell and what to sell on Amazon.

What Products You Should Sell On Amazon

  1. Manually research on Amazon.

To research successful products manually on Amazon for deciding which product you want to sell, you will want to begin with the best-selling items on Amazon in a specific category. Ideally, after exploring a category, and the sub-categories, you’ll narrow down on a niche.

  • Use a Chrome extension for researching products in a niche market.

A lot of chrome extensions like Jungle Scout, Unicorn Smasher, etc are available on the internet that can help you in conducting keyword research on Amazon. These extensions assist with various facilities like efficiently narrowing down on an industry or a product in which you can excel, estimating monthly sales, and estimated monthly sales revenue.

  • Find a space on Amazon.

You can come across a gap in the market by simple search — for example, when you search “t shirt” there are more than 70,000 results, but when you search “t shirt for teen boys” there are only over 1,000.

That’s a clear example, although you must narrow down the product search sometimes for finding a place for making an impact on Amazon. 

  • Find products with less competition.

If you try selling a product with 100,000 search results, it’ll be probably very difficult to stand out against the competition and gain the sales you desire. Luckily, it is comparatively easy to find a niche inside a bigger market having less competition, which guarantees your product is found by the searchers more easily. And since these searchers are searching for a keyword that’s more specific, they are probably more willing to buy your product.

So, You Want Your Own Amazon Business?

It’s not always easy to find the right products for selling on Amazon. If it was, everyone would’ve been making successful sales and easy money. However, it’s still easier than a lot of people think.

With the above four tips to find out What to sell on Amazon, you can find a gap on Amazon that sells well, needs better quality products, and could be produced easily on a budget. You might be amazed by what you find.