4 Instagram-able Hacks to Grab in 2022

4 Instagram-able Hacks to Grab in 2022

Instagram is predominantly known for its appealing aesthetic look. A quick scroll down the Instagram feed will show you how the users have been able to utilize their platform in expressing their interests and voices to the general audience out there. In that, they have been able to collaborate with like-minded people and establish their own favorite spaces. Nevertheless, these platforms have stretched more than mere podiums, and have contributed to influencing many ideologies and empowering others.

In a similar vein, brands, with digital marketing services, are in no way behind them. Just how they were able to utilize the power of Facebook in reaching out to the customers, it has done the same through Instagram. Nevertheless, brands have utilized the aesthetic powers of this medium to revolutionize their media presence, and have achieved more good than bad.

However, the digital revolution has not come to a halt. It is still progressing swiftly and has entered 2022. With that, here is a look at some of the hacks that your marketing agency might have missed investing in. Let’s take a look at some of them in detail:


With the digital evolution of social media, one thing that has immensely progressed is the ‘hashtag’ symbol (#) itself. What used to rest idly on the phone pad in the last decades, is now moving mountains. The hashtag entails the power to revolutionize ideas, justice, lead global movements, and even direct the attention of traditional mediums to prominent issues.

This predominantly comes, in line with the power of google algorithms. Hashtags favor the content in achieving popularity that is otherwise not achievable. They can link the content with the unreachable pockets of Instagram users. In doing so, an adequate match can deliver some of the most impeccable and exponential results for your brand. In all, Instagram growth is fundamentally linked to hashtag growth. Invest and experience the wondrous results.


Instagram, undoubtedly, remains the most visually appealing, full stop! That justifies how the visually attractive element of Instagram can grasp the attention of the audience and float the message across. All the fancy images, funny videos, color palettes can leave a sweet, yet marked position spot in your eyes and mind altogether.

Nevertheless, if anyone wants to penetrate through Instagram, should be able to make the most out of the visual and aesthetic elements. For this, brands should invest in videos, stories, and live videos and make the most out of this channel fully.


Consistency and time management is the key to the evolving digital media. Make sure to invest in adequate software to harness the positives out to the fullest. However, that does not mean to start cluttering the feed with filler content. Instead, make a schedule of posting it in the high in-demand time. This optimizes the viewership and also increases the chances of converting the views into a sales channel.

Along the way, make sure to post it consistently during peak hours. Digitals experts continue to suggest that brands who post 2-3 posts a day can get impeccable results that are at least x5 or x6 times the result. However, there is not a single time to post. This largely varies across several factors and includes ethnicity, geographical locations, age, culture, and other factors. Based on the insights from Instagram and other analytical software, analyze the engagement rates to understand the right posting time.

Even then, continue to look at the insights. If there is a drop, that shows a change in the habit or taste of the audience. It is a clear signal to call for a change in the strategy and content to streamline it with the audience’s interest again!

User-generated Content

We live in a world where two-way communication is vital for success. Brands of Dubai and alike have understood the power of this phenomenon, are now tailoring it into their strategy for exponential growth. These works are sharing the content that comes brims from the followers. This simple act can strengthen the brand-consumer client and also set the foundation of trust and authenticity. Quite similar to how the agencies related to lead generation in Dubai have been doing it lately. It also entails that the brand acknowledges the efforts and rewards their devotion.

Nevertheless, user-generated content should never be taken for granted for its ‘free’ nature. It is, in fact, a byproduct of all the investment that the marketing channels have initially made. As a result, it is specially made in courtesy to the brand, without seeking any return. Utilizing and showcasing it on your Instagram can be a great way of showing the true side of happy and satisfied customers. This further strengthens the credibility and authenticity of the brand.

Manifesting Conversion Goals

With the onset of Instagram, the digital world has unconsciously unlocked the creative world. Producing revitalizing content is itself an essential component of Instagram. Nevertheless, the above-mentioned hack is a quick way into experiencing the conversion goals. In doing so, you will be able to establish your brand person on Instagram, all while standing tall in the sea of competition.