How to Write An Effective Out Of Office Message Examples?

How to Write An Effective Out Of Office Message Examples?

With the constantly evolving technology and access, people are even working from remote places for their offices. And it has become a very difficult task to step away from it for even a little amount of time. It has become second nature to reply to emails and messages that you receive however, let me tell you that this constant work obsession in your holidays is not very good and can hamper your mental and physical health. 

It is very important to keep a separate time for yourself only when you are not in the office and you should not even reply to your office emails and messages at this time if they are not very urgent. But at the same time, it is very important to make sure that your customers and colleagues get a proper response from you even when you are out of the office. 

For this very purpose, there are out of office messages and replies that automatically reply to your customers and the people who contact you via emails. These out of office reply messages are very good and can tell the other person that you are not in the office currently. In this guide, we are going to tell you how you can write a good out of office reply and some examples of out of office messages

How can you write a good Out of office message?

It is very important to formulate a good out of office message for your customers and colleagues as it should make them understand that you are not working these days. You may want the out of office reply to give out proper information and reason regarding your leave so that it should not frustrate the person contacting you. You can be confident about our guide as we are going to give some of the best out of the office message examples

A Good out of office message should constitute of:

  1. The most basic information that your out of office message should give is that you are not working currently and on leave ( You can also include the reason if your feel comfortable mentioning it)
  2. After that, you should mention the date on which you are planning to return.
  3. You can also add some common information that you think people may contact you about frequently. 
  4. The next important thing that you should add is an emergency contact. It can be either you or some other person who is taking over when you are absent. 

There are many out of office automatic reply templates available and you can easily take ideas from them and formulate a good automatic reply for yourself. 

We are also giving you written out of office reply examples that you can use. 


I am thankful for reaching out but I am sorry to inform you that I am currently out of office (state reason if comfortable) till (date) but you can use this contact information (contact info) for emergency purposes. I will answer to you as soon as possible. 


(Your name)

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