Why Should You Use Display Boxes for E-Juices & Cartridges?

Why Should You Use Display Boxes for E-Juices & Cartridges?

If you are an e-juice or cartridge seller, you know the importance of keeping your product safe and organized. Display Boxes for cartridges and e-liquids help to keep your products clean and out of direct sunlight, which can cause them to spoil quickly. Usually, vape cartridge box comes in display design. This post will outline why display boxes are so important for sellers in the industry. 

Display boxes will protect your products from dirt, dust, moisture, water damage, and UV light exposure that make them less appealing to customers. However, suppose you have a lot of inventory stored away in cardboard boxes or plastic bags with no protection. In that case, this is not good because it could attract unwanted pests like rodents or insects who want to feed on anything they find there, including food particles leftover from the products.

1) Provide a Perfect Barrier Against Damage:

Display boxes provide a perfect barrier to keep these pests and other contaminants at bay. Which is important for customers to keep your products as fresh as possible. In addition, the display boxes make it easier for you as a vendor to organize your inventory. Without getting confused about which products go where or if they are even in stock.

Sometimes you might not have time to double-check everything before a sale at your vape shop. But with a clear view from all sides of your display box, you can easily spot what needs to be restocked.

This will help save you time and money by reducing unnecessary labor costs for employees. Who take too long to pick up necessary supplies during their shifts. Display boxes also prevent premature product damage since you can monitor when goods need to be rotated out.

2) Easy to Use Packaging Solution:

Do you feel like your employees are always struggling with cumbersome packaging options. That take up too much space during the day?

If so, this is where display boxes can come in handy. These cases are easy to stack and store when they are not in use because of their slim profile.

They also do not need any special equipment or tools for assembly since all of the necessary hardware. Comes with them. So, spend less time on your packaging process while still getting a high-quality product that customers will love!

3) Make Your Product More Attractive:

We all know that presentation is everything when it comes to selling goods in retail vape shops. But sometimes it’s tough for new owners to stand out against competitors who have more experience.

That’s where a case design company can help. We know that it’s important for vape shops to get the most bang for their buck. Which is why we don’t use any expensive materials or specialized equipment in our process. Instead, our priority is making your product more attractive. By using a clear window to easily display your e-juices and cartridges inside of a custom-made box!

From simple white boxes with an elegant logo to holographic designs that stand out on store shelves, there are endless ways you can present your products in one of our special display cases. 

4) Gives a Competitive Edge Over Competitors:

Makers of vape pens are constantly competing with one another for the consumer’s business. One way of making your products more appealing is to display them in a special case to make buyers notice your product.

Custom-made e-cig boxes can be used for advertising. They show your company name on the side. This can be useful when you are looking for new clients or doing market research. They give buyers an easy way to remember where they bought their new vaping supplies from.

5) Low Minimum Orders:

Don’t let high minimum quantities prevent you from displaying your popular items inside one of our low-cost cases! We have some great options for small businesses looking to get a better price without making a big minimum purchase. This is also beneficial for buyers who want a more affordable way to store their supplies and don’t need too many items at a time.

7) Customization:

Our cases are made to be sturdy and long-lasting, which means their appearance can stay in great shape for years! We have lots of different ways you can make your product display boxes. You can add lights or emboss your logo on the front.

If you are a vaper, then you should keep your supplies safe inside one of these beautiful cases. It will make it look good and also be convenient. If someone has a need for your services, they will think of you right away. For an extra service, get a remote-controlled light that you can turn on at night. It will be easy to find in the dark.

8) Reusable Packaging Nature:

Disposable vape pens are not popular among the hardcore vaping community, but disposable cartridges are. Unfortunately, these very stores that offer you convenience at the checkout line will charge you a fortune for them instead of allowing you to buy in bulk so you can refill your own cartridges!

The best option to go with is reusable packaging. This means buying e juice bottles and filling your own cartridge/tank, so you don’t have to keep spending money each time you get empty. By doing this, all you’ll need is an inexpensive box to store them all inside when not in use. Then, just place it on your counter or corner shelf for easy access whenever anyone wants something new!

9) Staying Organized:

Since most vaping devices are electronic, it’s important to store them somewhere where there is no risk of fire or electrical shock. When you buy a lot of things, it’s good to store them all in one place. Storage containers work well because they don’t have anything that could cause trouble inside.

If you want to keep your vaping supplies organized, then use plastic containers. This will help others feel more comfortable. They’re safer for everyone involved and won’t break if dropped!


Even a product as simple as a cartridge or an e-juice can be useful if packaged in the proper container. E-cigs may be the product you use to help quit smoking, but they also need care and storage.

Working with the right product box will help you keep your product organized and safe. It is easier to keep it clean and protected when you use the right box.