Why opting for Custom Trade Show Booths is better than Modular Trade Show Booths?

Why opting for Custom Trade Show Booths is better than Modular Trade Show Booths?

If you want to make your market presence, create brand awareness, analyse your competitors, and enhance your client base, all at once then nothing can be more beneficial than participating in a trade show. Trade shows are glamorous events that have so much to offer to the companies that take part in them. Thousands of small, medium and large-sized companies participate in trade shows with the aim of giving new heights to their business.

If done right, the trade show offers immense opportunities to gain as many benefits as one can take. But, taking part in trade shows is not a cakewalk. There is a lot of competition as every exhibitor participates with the goal of attracting more and more towards their trade show booth. Hence, you need to plan out things very carefully and creatively right from which trade show to take part in, the budget, your Trade Show Exhibit Companies, and other points which need to be considered before taking part in a trade show.

Among everything else, the most important thing to plan is what kind of trade show booth to install at the trade show that would help you to attract a large number of visitors. There is a wide range of trade show booths available in the market. But you need to be very careful while selecting one. Look for one that not only suits your budget but also makes you stand out from the plethora of other exhibitors.

In case you don’t give much thought about your trade show booth then it might lead to an empty stand booth. To choose your trade show display, it is crucial to first know about the types of trade show booth designs available in the market. The two most commonly used trade show booths are Custom Exhibits Las Vegas and modular trade show displays.

Now the main question is to choose which between the two. Also, if every other exhibitor would have more or less the same type of trade show booth design then there’s nothing that will make your stand apart from the rest. This is the main reason why most companies invest in building custom trade show displays.

Custom trade show booths are built according to the preferences and exhibiting goals of exhibitors. But is it worth spending a large sum of your budget on them? To help you make the correct choice we have provided a list of reasons why you must opt for custom exhibit displays for your upcoming trade show event and how they could be beneficial.

More Personalized

The biggest advantage of custom exhibit displays is that you can easily personalize your exhibit and give it the look you want as these booths are not built using pre-made structures like modular trade show booth rental Chicago.

In other words, custom exhibit displays allow you to blend your brand into the booth design. When you have something that will truly depict your brand then visitors will also take interest in your custom trade show booth. You can easily incorporate certain design elements specific to your brand into your booth or design each and every element of your booth as per your preference to give it a personalized look.

Room for Creativity

You can think of a custom trade show booth as a blank canvas. Each and every part of a custom stand is made from scratch, unlike modular or portable displays for trade shows. From the size of the stand to the design, layout, and banners, everything will be designed and built according to your preferences and trade show goals.

Enhances Flexibility

Flexibility is the biggest benefit of opting for custom exhibit displays. Not only in terms of the design of the booth but you also get flexibility in the price of the booth. With custom exhibit displays you can easily have interchangeable graphics and banners for the display, include an attractive video wall instead of a regular display, and add a certain type of cabinets for the tables.

More importantly, the cost of the custom exhibit display varies according to the type of booth you build rather than the agenda of one price fits all booths. In case you choose a smaller display with certain reconfigurations, the cost will be determined accordingly. Also, if you decide to remove or add certain elements, it will affect the cost.

Increase Booth Traffic

The eyes of the attendees always look for something unique while attending a trade show. They judge your brand with your trade show booth and then consider to even enter your stand or not. This is the effect of trade show booths during a trade show. This is why it can be difficult to attract visitors to you if you choose a regular