Why Am I Not Getting My Google Verification Code?

Why Am I Not Getting My Google Verification Code?

Who doesn’t know Google? Billions of people across the globe consume its services simultaneously from different platforms and devices.

We are sure that you must have a Google account too, as it is necessary to access Android devices and Google services.

Therefore, Google doesn’t take its security matter for granted.

Hence, it gives its users a feature called two-factor authentication. You must have heard about this and many of you set up two-factor authentication.

It is a great way to secure your google account but many users complain about the recovery code issue, they reported that they encountered issues in getting verification code which made them frustrated and furious.

 This issue of Not receiving Google verification code can happen due to numerous reasons, from which many can be fixable.

So, if you are a victim of this problem too, hop in. We will begin with looking at the reasons behind it and then head to the fixes that we believe will sort this problem of unable to receive google verification code. 

Justifications behind not receiving Google verification code.

here are the probable justifications or causes behind Not receiving Google verification code, go through the below point to understand better what was reason behind this problem.

  • Wrong Date and time in the gadget.
  • Filling wrong verification code.
  • Because of Syncing trouble. 
  • The same code was used numerous times.
  • Enabled Caps lock button.

Now that you have learned why Google is not sending verification codes to email, let’s see what solutions are available to rectify this issue.

How to fix this issue?

follow the given below steps to get rid of this types of issues:-

  • First, make sure that the verification code will arrive on your connected or linked phone number or email, if you don’t have access to them, unfortunately then you would not receive the verification code.
  • You can get issues like my Gmail not receiving verification emails due to an unstable network connection.

Make sure you are connected to a stable and reliable network connection before requesting a Verification code.

  • Check the date and time of your device for the syncing motive.
  • Check the verification code twice before entering because repetition of the same verification will lead you to the same problem.

By following above mentioned information one can easily resolve this issue of Google not sending verification codes to email and somehow, if the problem continues to horror you, you can reach out to the Google help desk for better assistance and a would revert.


With the assistance of the above guide, you can easily get rid of this issue called Not 

receiving Google verification code.

Just follow the given steps exactly and keep yourself calm.

We wish that we have assisted you in resolving this issue and saving your efforts of roaming on different websites and pages.

Lastly, we want to suggest that if the problem resumes, then you can get in touch with google assistant and elaborate your Problem in detail.

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