What to do if your partner has ED?

What to do if your partner has ED?

Sex is often not as uncomplicated as it is made out to be. Yes, it may be pleasurable, but it also comes with caveats of its own. 

It involves a level of intimacy between partners. It is composite of raw needs and emotion, and yet, you may face issues that you might not be able to discuss with your partner. 

While some women hesitate about voicing their needs, due to the cultural notions attached with sex, things are not all that easy when it comes to men as well. 

Whereas women can fake it to save their partner’s feelings, men unfortunately cannot. In order to perform penetrative sex, they need to be aroused, and their lack of erection does not only make their sexual dysfunction apparent, but it also is a great cause of embarrassment for both the parties.

Although some episodes of erectile dysfunction are okay, and do not merit rushing to the Best Sexologist in Lahore, in some cases, it may be a recurring theme. 

In such situations, it becomes very hard for women to deal with the topic. Naturally, men become sensitive about their condition, and it can make it even harder for their partner to broach this subject. 

To help you wade through this hard time, here are some ways you can effectively deal with this situation: 

Consider the implications of ED for your relationship

Even though sex is important part of any relationship, you need to understand its implications for your relationship. If you and your partner are able to enjoy life and intimacy without penetrative sex, perhaps therein lies your answer. 

You can then experiment with what suits you best and work out things accordingly. You can also consult a sex therapist as well. 

Make lifestyle changes together 

Some lifestyle factors may also be behind the problem of erectile dysfunctions. Bad habits like smoking and drinking, obesity, poor sleep are all some reasons why your partner might be facing ED. 

Therefore, as a couple, embark on the journey of wellness. Shed off habits that might be endangering your sex life. Eat well and exercise. 

Talk to them 

It is vital that you have a respectful and proper conversation with your partner about the issue of erectile dysfunction. Sex is an important part of your relationship, and naturally anything that affects it, will also have an impact on your partnership as well. 

Moreover, you also need to support each other through this tough time. ED might be a source of shame and embarrassment for them, and you need to make this topic easier for them. 

Be respectful and tactful in the way you broach the subject. It is especially vital to be considerate if your partner is having ED from trauma or abuse. 

You need to help them in addressing the problem and, also to give them support through the process of treatment. 

Understand the cause 

There are many reasons why your partner might be experiencing erectile dysfunction. It may result from ailments like hypertension, problems like trauma to the genital to the spine or neurological issues 

ED might also be due to mental health problems like stress, performance anxiety etc. Therefore, it is important for you and your partner to understand which category you come under. 

If the issue has to do with performance anxiety, you can work with them in improving their hang-ups about sex. You can also try different techniques and positions together to find a solution to the predicament. There are many interventions like pills and creams that can help as well.

Convince them to seek expert help 

Not every case of ED is hopeless. Sometimes, the issue can be resolved, especially considering the fact that science has made great strides when it comes to resolving ED. Therefore, try to convince them in visiting Best Sexologist in Islamabad for proper treatment.