What is the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program?

What is the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program?

This provincial nominee program mainly focuses on the potential immigrants who have abilities and experience that are sought after in the Saskatchewan work market. The application cycle is a lot quicker than the other Canadian Immigration programs. It falls under four classifications:

• International Skilled Worker Category

• Saskatchewan Work Experience Category

• Business visionary Category

• Farm Owner Category

Who can apply for the Saskatchewan Work Experience Category?

Foreign nationals who are at present working in Saskatchewan on a substantial work license might apply for this category. Through this, they can apply for permanent home through Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP).

How do international postgraduate understudies fit the bill for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program?

• To be equipped for the SINP the international understudies should meet the following standards:

• They ought to have finished a minimum of one year of scholarly education from a perceived institution in Canada.

• They ought to have a substantial post-graduate work grant gave by the Immigration, Evacuees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

• They should hold a paid work experience for something like 6 continuous months.

• They ought to have a permanent, everyday proposition for employment from a Saskatchewan business. The bid for employment ought to be from NOC 0. An or B.

Instructions to apply for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program ?

The SINP has under it 3 classifications. Every category has streams under it. To apply for citizenship and immigration to Canada and permanent home in Saskatchewan using these programs, you should meet all requirements for no less than one of the streams. This might be your opportunity to satisfy your fantasy about living in Canada and gaining Canadian citizenship. There are streams explicitly intended for international understudies and foreign workers. You can easily get the best PNP Programs for Canada immigration.

4. What occupations qualify the foreign public for SINP?

The skilled work places that qualify the foreign public for SINP under Public Word related Code (NOC):

• Level 0: The executives positions

• Level A: Proficient Positions and

• Level B: Specialized Positions.

Moreover, SINP additionally has unique programs for long stretch transporters and skilled workers in the neighborliness industry.

What is the SINP International Skilled Worker Experience (EOI)?

Articulation of Interest is more similar to a pre-application filled by the Skilled International Worker to indicate their interest in applying to SINP.

6. Will an individual take various Articulation of Interest (EOI) profiles for SINP?

No, an individual is permitted to submit just a single Articulation of Interest profile for the SINP.


In Canada, the immigration decisions are taken by the Federal Government and not the provincial ones. That is why the PNPs are a two-tiered process. At first, the applicant has to apply to a province for the nomination from a Province. Then, if and after the application is approved, the applicant is required to submit a second application to the Federal Government for permanent resident status. 

The stepwise application for PNP Programs for Canada Immigrations as follows:

Step 1: Find out your eligibility for the provincial immigration 

Step 2: Submit your application 

Step 3: Receive Your Nomination Certificate 

Step 4: Submit PR application 

Whether you want to apply to the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, the steps of application remain the same.