What is the Average Lifespan of The Gas Boiler?

What is the Average Lifespan of The Gas Boiler?

Good boiler not only fulfils the need of hot water but also heats up the home evenly. Once you replace the old model there is nothing to worry about for next 10-15 years. However, if you even not replace the existing the model then it’s the right time. Read on this blog to know the benefits and how long a new boiler will last on an average.

Significance of lifespan of the gas boiler

Any modern boiler will last for long 15 years. But it never comprises of the malfunctions and minor breakdowns. Nowadays, combi boiler gets all the attention in the UK for its efficiency in supplying hot water and heating up the room adequately.

Although it is a bit expensive yet it is effective in the long run. After spending so many pounds you will obviously want the boiler will last in the long run without showing any major faults. Here are some aspects determine the longevity of the boiler.

Aspects extending the durability of the gas boiler

While the manufacturers claiming the life of the boiler for 10-15 years in the row; it never means that it lasts that long. You must keep it in a good working condition. Here are some aspects contributing the life of gas boiler.

  • Select top quality combi boiler

When you are out in the market to choose the right model you may feel tempted seeing the cheapest option. But that is poor choice in the long run. Affordable option never builds with highest standard. You must get the right option at right prices.

  • Opt for annual boiler service

Annual boiler service will ensure that your boiler is in good condition in the long run. Always do it by the experienced professional. By this way you can extend the warranty of the manufacturer as well. Otherwise, they can cancel it anytime. It also addresses the minor faults of the boiler too in the initial stage. 

  • Hire the experienced professionals only

Never chase cheap options whilst it is about your boiler condition and functional ability. Hiring the Gas Safe registered engineer ensures the safety and health of the boiler in the long run. Otherwise you can put your family at risk. It can even damage the functional ability of the boiler as well.

  • Notice the central heating

By noticing the central heating system you can detect the problem easily. Any sort of strange changes is the indication that you must seek the help of the professional and certified engineer. Prompt action saves you from spending a lot of money for expensive repair.

  • Never delay in repairing

Remember if you develop any faults in the boiler you must address it as early as possible. Otherwise, it can become the major culprit of breakdown. Certain faults are time-sensitive and you must repair them on an earliest note by hiring the accredited professionals. This will protect you from spending money on expensive repairs.  

  • Choose the perfect size of boiler

Selection of proper size of the boiler is important for every home. In case it is not powerful then it will work hard to meet your demand of hot water. Overworking is not good for any boiler. So, choose the one that can meet the demand of your home.

Importance of boiler efficiency

Boiler is the important appliance of every home which you need during cold winter months. Averagely boiler comprises of 60% of the energy bills of the home. With a replacement of the efficient one it will consume less energy and save you a lot of money in the end of the month. Boiler comes with expensive installation along other expenditures.

Before investing such huge money you must assure that the selected model is long-lasting, efficient and reliable at the same time. Basically, if your full lifecycle you should buy only 3-4 boiler model. Never increase the number because of shoddy workmanship, skimping and negligence. Remember, proper maintenance can allow the boiler to last for long with less frequency of breakdown. 

Should you replace the old model of the boiler?

While maintaining the boiler for 10 years it can provide the service for a couple of more years. However, sometimes it is expensive to service an aging model than opting for the replacement. So, know the benefits of new boiler and start finding one today!

  • Energy saving

Modern combi boiler possesses the energy efficacies of up to 90%. It ensures minimal waste letting you save both energy and money. 

  • Better technology

When you replace the existing model with the new one, you will notice vast differences. The new model will compact and sleek owning the most advanced technology. This will mean they will remain more convenient and efficient in the long run.

  • Availability of the spare parts

Using an outdated model is cumbersome when you need any spare parts in the market. It is difficult to find out. Hence with the help of advanced combi boiler servicing becomes easier. Also you can find the spare parts easily in the market.

Expense of replacing the old boiler

When opting for replacement you must choose the one which will last in the long run. Any A-rated boiler will cost £1500. Installation of the boiler can cost another £500-£1500. System flush will make you spend another £300.

If you need magnetic filter then you will shed off £100 and for condensation pump you need to pay anywhere from 100 to £250. The total cost is really hefty but will worth in the future and long run.

Which new boiler you must select?

For many it is a daunting task to replace the existing model with the new one. The challenging job is to choose the right model for your home. You will come across various sizes and price ranges during selection. They also have reliability histories and efficiency ratings. You must choose the one

  • In your budget
  • Is powerful for the home
  • Is energy-savvier
  • Is reliable

Warranty period is another factor to look for. Remember all these will help in narrowing down your choice and find the right one.

Significance of manufacturer warranty

Any good boiler always comes with warranty period. Often the manufacturer offers it in a year after installation. But some manufacturers put the condition for offering the warranty of 10 years. You must install it with the help of accredited engineers and annual service it by Gas Safe registered engineer. Then only the warranty will remain valid for extended period.


When you invest in a boiler model you must check it is worthy investment. One model must last for long 10 years without showing major disruption. Older models are susceptible to breakdown easily and they are less efficient at the same time. So, choose the right one with extended warranty.

When it comes to boiler repair services in London conduct it by a Gas Safe registered engineer to ensure the safety of everyone.