What I have to do After Studying Medicine in China

What I have to do After Studying Medicine in China

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery often referred to as MBBS is an undergraduate international course applicable in those countries which follow the system of the United Kingdom. It is the course after which the students are eligible to practice medicine and are referred to as a doctors.

The duration of the MBBS course varies from country to country. In some countries, it is a 5 years course whereas in some it is a 5.5 years course and it may even go up to 6 to 7 years in some countries.

MBBS  is a dream course for many candidates and further studying it in a foreign university just adds a feather in the cap. Many foreign countries provide MBBS courses to foreign students. Among them is China. China is one country where you will receive a top-quality education. MBBS in China is one of the most affordable courses you can pursue.

It has top-ranked colleges and provides qualifications that are the same as the other colleges around the globe.

Students wishing to Study MBBS in China have a great chance to only learn medicine but also explore traditional medicine. China is the best-suited place, an ideal destination to study medicine. There are various things you can pursue after completing your MBBS from China. But before that let’s have a brief section that will tell you why you consider doing MBBS from China. 

Why China for Study Medicine 

There are various reasons why one considers going to China for doing an MBBS. So let’s look at why to consider China for medicine. 

  • Top-ranked universities – China is said to be a global leader in terms of modern medicine. Most of the universities of China come under the top 500 medical universities in the world. It is based on international standards and hence matches with the Western degrees. 
  • Affordable  – MBBS study in China is an affordable course. It has really low tuition fees. Apart from other countries, you will find China to be very cheap and inexpensive. It is 70% cheaper than any other country’s medical fees. So China is worth considering as a country to study medicine
  • Quick admission – The admission criteria are very simple in China. Apart from this, international students are not required to take an entrance test for admission into MBBS courses in the universities of China. 
  • Global recognition – MBBS course in China is recognised by the World Health Organization – WHO. It is even included in IMED (International Medical Education Directory). The candidates graduating from China can even take medical screening tests in other parts of the world. 
  • Study traditional medicine – China is one of the countries where you learn both about modern medicine and traditional medicine. Traditional medicine is not usually taught in many countries. Here, you can broaden your knowledge and learn about acupuncture and ancient medicine techniques. Your area of understanding and interest in the subjects can be very well explored here. 

Here are the reasons why one prefers China to study MBBS. Now, we will have a look at things you can do after you do medicine in China. 

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What to do after doing Medicine in China 

Candidates coming to China have great dreams. After doing medicine in China students think of what to do after that. Hence we will tell you what you opt for after medicine in China. There are many things a candidate can opt for after completing their medicine from China. Let’s have a look at them. 

  • Practice medicine – After you complete your medicine in China you can practice medicine in other parts of the world including India. You need to clear FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) so that you can practice medicine in any other part of the world or India, also pursue PG NEET or any other PG courses. You can work in India and can give further examinations or directly start your practice. 
  • USMLE – USMLE which means the United States Medical Licensing Examination is a three-step examination process that you can opt for after you complete your MBBS in China. You can obtain this license and practice medicine in the US. Working in the US will open many opportunities for the candidates. 
  • Work in China – Candidates can practice MBBS in China itself. They can work in both the Private or Public sectors. China is a global leader with advanced technology and working there will only enhance your skills. The candidate has a great chance to work in hospitals in China. 
  • Work in China in foreign hospitals – In China, there has been an influx of foreign nationals since 2000. Many foreigners do not understand Chinese, hence they go to foreign hospitals in China. This provides job opportunities to foreign candidates to work there who did their MBBS from China. 
  • Research – Candidates can further take up research and explore their interests. They can work in clinical research firms and organisations which work in partnership with China. They can also go to other countries to pursue research. 
  • Traditional medicine – Candidates can opt for continuing practice in Traditional medicine. They can explore this field of medicine and also do some research work in this area only. 

Candidates can also opt for careers in clinical forensics, public health, health journalism, medical teaching, etc. So there are quite a lot of job opportunities for students completing their medicine from China. 


Studying abroad is the dream of many students. Studying abroad, especially in China is affordable. It not only provides you with top-quality education but also gives you access to the globe. Many of the universities are globally recognized and have good infrastructure. China being the global leader in modern medicine provides the students with the latest medical equipment and technology. It also teaches about traditional medicine.

After doing MBBS from China, you can pursue many paths to make up your career like practicing MBBS in the US, India or other countries, doing research works, working in healthcare journalism and many more. Exploring the subject of your interest abroad can be one of your best decisions. So, now you don’t have to think much about what to do after MBBS in China.