What are the roles and responsibilities of the education minister in Punjab?

What are the roles and responsibilities of the education minister in Punjab?

In India, Punjab is one of the developing countries, and elected political parties are adopting new plans and developments for the people. In 2021, the ruling political party has changed. Now, Charanjit Singh Shanni is the new Chief Minister of Punjab. He is the MLA for the Chamkaur Sahib constituency. He is the first Chief Minister elected by Dalit. People elect him in September 2021, and the Punjab governor manages Banwarilalpurohit by performing a simple ceremony. In the city of Chandigarh, Rajabhavan, so while the people chose him. He has created a list of new ministries under his administration in Punjab. With the help of this article, you will know about the education minister in Punjab.

Who is the Minister of Education of Punjab Province?

Pargath Singh is a hockey player and serves as the captain of the Indian Hockey team. He is very knowledgeable with an agency called Indian Railways and with all the Punjab Police. He now holds a position on the list of ministers, education minister Punjab Pargath Singh. He is in the congressional political party, which gets more votes from the people regarding members of the other political parties joining as candidates vote. Now he has achieved many things. He remains a minister in Punjab.

How is the education ministry working now?

Learning is the most basic need for every child and adult. No child should stop attending school. A degree is required under graduation. Pargath Singh is fully aware of all of these. Therefore, he introduced various patterns for excellent student learning. He was a hockey player and well educated. Thus, the plans and ideas he suggested are helpful to students and the public.

He is acting as the education minister Punjab is not the easiest thing. He has many roles and responsibilities that he must perform for Punjab. He must provide a permit overseeing government agencies to implement plans adequately. He is responsible for promoting science, new educational concepts, skills, and student development.

Ministry roles and responsibilities:

As the Minister of Education of Punjab, he is doing all the previously mentioned things boldly now. However, Let’s see how different departments. What is it that he has to control and manage with manners?

  • Planning and Information
  • Department of Early Childhood Education
  • Department of Standards and Curriculum
  • Department of Open and Distance Education
  • Accounting unit
  • Internal audit unit
  • Department of Education and Specialized Services
  • Department of Human Resources and Administration
  • Procurement and Supplies Unit

From these, The Ministry of Education in Punjab is responsible for various operations such as,

  • Exam council
  • Teaching council
  • Education publishing house
  • National Committee for Education

In conclusion, Pargath Singh’s vision is to provide quality lifelong teaching and improve the learning system. Meeting all educational needs of students in Punjab is a mission. A “Minister of Education” is a position in the government of some countries responsible for managing education. He is responsible for the education statistics in the Punjab.