Ways To Choose The Best Eco-Friendly Packaging? Here’s How

Ways To Choose The Best Eco-Friendly Packaging? Here’s How

Annually, the packaging contributes to almost 30% of the total municipal solid waste in the USA. These gruesome figures are expected to rise further if strict environmental control measures are not implemented. As a retail business, you need to think about your attitude towards the environment. Eco-friendly boxes are your best investment to comply with the green movement and make a lasting first impression. Going sustainable is not just amicable towards the environment; it also helps in the augmentation of perceived product and brand value. There are many ways to ensure your boxes bear no threat to sustainability. 

Skip Coats And Laminates

The only sign of sustainable packaging is made from cardboard variants. Even this cardboard-based packaging can be a threat to the environment. In the manufacturing process, designers apply several lamination and coating layers to the texture of the box. Although the purpose of these add-ons is to enhance the box’s barrier properties and protect the artwork, they compromise its environmental impact. 

Most lamination films and coats are derived from non-biodegradable plastic, resulting in waste. The unique property of getting recycled time and again is also compromised. The box should be free from any coat, laminate, or glue in the recycling process.

These add-ons stick to the box’s texture firmly and are hard to get rid of. Apart from recycling inefficiency, the packaging is also difficult to degrade even under optimal conditions. Get rid of these damaging laminates and coats, and opt for varnishes instead. They more or less give a similar effect to the packaging and also serve to protect the artwork. 

Prefer The Organic Inks

You may have selected the organic manufacturing materials and skip on the lamination or coating application. But, have you thought about the printing inks? They leach toxic chemicals into the environment and affect the sustainability of the packages. There is a dire need to opt for organic inks for the best custom eco-friendly boxes during the printing process. Traditional petroleum-base inks can be an option, but not when you are eyeing 100% eco-friendly packages. Water-base and soy-base inks fall in organic inks and comply with all the green standards.

Their vitality is not restricted to this one dimension only as they propose many other significant advantages. They are best at seeping through the box’s surface and creating a uniform distribution all over. The result is high-impact colorful graphics with no blurry or resolution effects. 

Opt For Customized Dimensions

To get the best eco-friendly packaging, get a customize design that complements the specifications of your products. Larger or overly-sized packages do not just cost you more money; they generate unnecessary waste as well. If you are using them for transportation matters, they will increase the carbon footprint and transit expenses. Bearing that in mind, it is always in your best interest to stick with the product specifications when deciding the box’s dimensions.

Optimize the design to make the packages lightweight and ensure that the fuel consumption during transportation stays less. The lower the fuel intake, the lesser the emissions of harmful gases like methane and carbon in the environment. The stylish product look can also be achieve as the fitting designs always appear enticing to the customers. 

Avoid Using Traditional Packing Material

Packing or filler material is need to assure that the integrity of the package products remains intact and preserve. On the shipping journey, a box is subject to specific vibrations due to bumpy roads and collision effects. The items inside need to be place firmly to ensure that they remain fix and do not move. Otherwise, their corners or edges may break due to constant collision with the box’s walls. 

Styrofoam is a profound choice of many retailers as it serves a great deal in protecting items from damages. But unfortunately, it is not a good choice as it is plastic-derive and affects the eco-friendliness of the box. Search some green alternatives in this respect to stop your packaging from creating harmful effects on the planet. The shred paper goes a long way in this respect as it breaks down quickly in the box degradation process. Its effectiveness for product protection is also worth-noticing as it completely shields the product from several damages. 

Packaging Designed For A Respective Product

The best eco-friendly packaging is design specifically for the product intend to be package. The product’s sustainability is not a justification for the use of this standard packaging. For each different item, the packaging needs vary, and so should be the design of this eco-friendly box. If you are going to package some eatables, for instance, the box needs to be design so that product access is easy.

The user unboxing experience and shelf life of the item also need to be consider. Custom boxes with logos should be your go-to choice if you want to differentiate yourself and make a statement. The environment-friendly features would impress the customers, while the design would enhance the effectiveness of your product. 

Selecting the best eco-friendly boxes always pays off whether you have just started or had an already establish business. This can be done by aligning your packages with sustainable practices. Some significant advantages can be accomplish through this stratagem, such as increase brand recognition and enhance sales figure.