Various aspects of a business agreement

Various aspects of a business agreement

Defining a business agreement

An agreement is an understanding among two or more business parties about the transaction(s) that will happen in the future. An agreement is legally binding, meaning if any party doesn’t fulfil the terms mentioned in the agreement, then the other parties involved can take legal action against the party at fault. In other words, an agreement is a combination of enforceability, promise, and consideration.

Aspects of a business agreement

There are various aspects that an agreement needs to satisfy before it can be called an agreement. Here is a list of aspects that all business agreements must satisfy:

  1. Offer: When a party promises to do something for the other party or to abstain from doing something, it is called an offer. Offer is the penultimate activity before it becomes an agreement. The offer must be accepted by the other party and when that happens, both parties have entered into an agreement. A good offer has 3 characteristics; clear, unambiguous, and definite.
  1. Acceptance: As mentioned above, when the offer is presented to a party they have the choice to accept or reject it. When the offer is accepted, it becomes a promise. There is no one definite way of accepting an offer. An offer can be written or oral and acceptance also can be written or oral or through conduct. Acceptance has 4 characteristics: clear, definite, unqualified, and absolute.
  1. Consideration: In simple terms, consideration is the price of the agreement. Both parties must give and receive goods or services in exchange for a consideration value.
  1. Capacity to Contract: An agreement becomes void if any of the parties is a minor, of unsound mental health, or under influence.
  1. Consent: Both parties should be willing to honor the agreement without any unlawful force. The important thing to note here is that consent should be free meaning there should not be any coercion, concealment of facts relevant and important to the agreement, undue influence, and fraud.
  1. Lawful motive: An agreement becomes void if it’s used for unlawful activities such as dealing of prohibited drugs or a promise to murder etc.


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