Use Amaze PIM to scale your product count and fuel digital transformation

Use Amaze PIM to scale your product count and fuel digital transformation

Ecommerce has endless possibilities for retailers and manufacturers to grow and thrive, thanks to the billions of customers shopping online today and the advent of new technologies (Amaze PIM) coming in. While many eCommerce businesses have scaled up to a great extent, many are yet to gain grounds. Not surprisingly, what has made it possible for the ones dominating the eCommerce world is the product information management (PIM) system. And those still striving to achieve it will also have to leverage the same for their digital transformation.

If you also want sustainable growth, increased product count, and improved eCommerce sales to come possible, a great product experience is the key, which again lies in using Amaze PXM’s PIM. Before going any further into discussing how using Amaze PIM can scale product count and fuel digital transformation, it is worth knowing what it is.

Amaze production information management (PIM)—the game changer

Amaze PXM PIM is a system that brings all your product information into a single source of truth, where you can manage and maneuver it to deliver a uniform and enriched product experience using the set of tools provided. It allows you to source, create, edit, and delete product data in a single place and even distribute it across channels. It brings speed, scalability, and efficiency to your business processes, thus ensuring increased product count and a boost in sales.

Amaze PXM PIM—a system that scales product count and fuels eCommerce growth

Everyone in retail and eCommerce has bulk, complex product information dispersed around several locations, such as ERP, CRM, folders, email inboxes, and many other systems. Moreover, this data can be in different file formats and forms, such as text, images, PDFs, videos, etc.

With traditional methods to handle it, complications are inevitable. Also, there is a risk of inconsistency in the manual handling of this data, which may degrade the overall product experience and brand value. That is where Amaze PIM software steps in as it centralizes all your product information, enabling you to do everything that it takes for enhanced product and customer experiences.

The next consideration is how efficiently you use it to portray your products. Amaze PXM PIM gives you the power to retain consistent data standards for your products across sales channels. With this, you can maintain search-friendly attributes for your brand, ranking higher in the search result, further experiencing greater product count. The product information management system also allows teams in the enterprises to contribute their part to complete and enrich product information.

Amaze PXM PIM gives you a clear view of your product information, so you can see how complete or ready your products are to hit the market. With the automated onboarding & distribution of Amaze, you can fast introduce new products to the marketplace, accelerate time-to-market, and maintain consistency across sales channels. At the same time, you can ensure that your products are hitting the market with complete and contextually-relevant information, which is the key to increasing product count and sales prospects. So, businesses seeking digital transformation can count on Amaze product information management as it is the most advanced PIM software available in the market Read More