Understand CRM Tool from Business Perspective

Understand CRM Tool from Business Perspective

What is Customer Relationship Management? 

The term CRM stands for customer relationship management that helps in managing the relationship with customers through software. The CRM software helps to track data and keep notes for future reference. Such crucial information is stored in the central database system with accessibility to the selected people or the multiple ones. CRM tool aids in connecting the departments to streamline sales, make marketing efforts, customer service, accounting and management. It supports you to grow. 

Why do you need CRM software? 

Every business must answer this question – why do we need CRM software? Let’s put strings right for growth. Growth is the sole purpose for any business, and using CRM makes your way easy. Now it triggers another essential question in mind – how does it make the growth path easy? The CRM software stores user information in the first interaction and make efforts to make a good experience. The growth pillars depend on:

  • Customer experience
  • Sales record

The best way to understand that business would get benefit from CRM is to anticipate some challenges aims to solve by the software:

  • Store consolidated information of the user
  • Easy to track interaction between company and customer
  • Get an assessment of the sales team
  • Deliver a single piece of information to the entire association with communicating individually

CRM software is best suited for service-oriented organisations or production ones. 

Is there any right time to adopt CRM? 

Now, you have to understand what value CRM brings to your company. The next big question is when we should go with CRM software? Well, there is no right time for doing the right thing. A business can introduce software into practice when things get scattered. Putting all leads in a spreadsheet is not a wise and appropriate decision. So, when you find everything scattered, it is the right time to deploy CRM software. The tool of customer relationship management works in different ways like:

  • Define the process to all the team members
  • Form synchronisation among team members
  • Support HR to look on employees’ issues
  • Leave management and task-board for employees

These are not limited features of Dotsquares CRM. We offer varieties of other functions as well that makes your business different. From our perspective, CRM software should integrate all information in one nutshell. If you want to check any data, look at the software and anticipate information with one click.

How does it fit into growth?  

CRM makes the business process easy. The customer relationship management software offers diversified activities to do. It enables an organisation to create proposals, an AI chatbot to greet every user, and a lot more. Many companies are looking for the answer to how CRM fits into growth.

The answer is simple through tracking. Tracking of the user query, eye on employees leave, make proposals is now available on tip. In 2018, 59% of companies used CRM, which rises to 65% in 2020. Every company uses CRM distinctly, but most companies adopt it to automate tasks, schedule meetings, contract generation, and some more. Customer retention CRM software helps in improving customer retention.

Dotsquares CRM solves many challenging aspects and automates your process. Now, you don’t create a separate tab for every information but store it in one nutshell. Consolidate your communication channel through CRM software like website, emails, social media and phone. CRM tool enables an organisation to lead better customer experience & communicate effectively within an organisation. Sync teams, optimum time utilisation, eliminate mindless tasks and add value to the product and services.