Tyre Guide For Beginners

Tyre Guide For Beginners

What To Do Before Purchasing New Tyres?

Examine the old tyres: Before planning to get fresh tyres, you should try to estimate the condition of the old tyres on your vehicle. If the old tyres wear off soon, then there might be an issue with the alignment, balancing or anything else. Not fixing these issues and placing new car tyres Reading on your vehicle will also damage them quickly when you manoeuvre.

Check the tread: The simplest way of knowing when to replace your old tyres is when the surface tread has worn off. According to the set standard, a tyre should always have a minimum of 1.6mm of the tread to ensure it offers great traction and decreases the risk of sliding. Moreover, nearly all tyres are now available with tread depth indicators in the grooves. If your tread has reached the level of the indicators, then you will have to buy new tyres for your vehicle.

Inspect Tyre Damage: You can visually inspect a tyre or drive down to a workshop to get a comprehensive pressure check, alignment check, or tyre rotation to increase the lifespan of your tyre.

Bulges: Visually inspect your car tyres for any unusual bulges on the surface or sidewalls. The bulges form due to the constant tension faced by tyres when driving on roads. They can jeopardise the internal structure of your tyres and permit air to enter or escape from the layers.

Bulges on a tyre is a sign of jeopardised internal structure that allows air. If you notice bulges, then it is advised to replace the tyres immediately, even if the tread is in good shape. Ignoring the bulges can result in sudden air loss at high speeds.

Vibrations: Did you start noticing unnecessary vibrations while driving? If the vibrations become worse around 60 to 80 km/h, then get the tyres inspected and replaced if the technician advises.

Cracks: Tyre cracks are commonly located near the circumference of a tyre. These minor cracks on the surface indicate that the rubber used in manufacturing the tyre is slowly wearing off. Cracks become common due to exposure to sunlight, wrongly storing tyres, overloading or low air pressure.

Different Tyres Brands and Tyres to Choose From

Top Tyre Brands Include

  • Hankook Tyres
  • Bridgestone Tyres
  • Michelin Tyres
  • Pirelli Tyres

Different types of tyres

  • Summer tyres
  • Winter tyres
  • All-season tyres
  • 4×4 tyres
  • Performance Tyres

Tips to Prevent New Tyres From Early Damage

To avoid premature tyre damage, car owners should know the primary reason for it to happen. They include:

Air Pressure Low:

A tyre flexes and stretches when your vehicle is driven on roads. Each revolution creates pressure on your tyre. Maintaining the air pressure is vital to get a safe and comfortable drive. The absence of the expected air level within the tyre will make it flex more than it should and lead to a higher temperature when driving. The mixture of heated tyres with concrete roads can damage the tyres. Getting the tyre pressure examined two times a month is vital to ensure their roadworthiness.

Overloading The Car

Tyres have load index marked on the sidewalls. This load index indicates the maximum weight a tyre can carry at the highest permitted speed. It is advised to not exceed the load index, as it will damage your car tyres. Also, losing control of your car because of a sudden tyre burst while carrying a heavyweight can create serious safety hazards. Also, the extra load will jeopardise the state of your vehicle and cost more in repairs. Therefore, always try to scatter weight evenly in your car to avoid putting too much weight on just one wheel.

Uneven Roads

Driving daily in rough road conditions can severely damage a tyre. Also, driving at high speeds over a pothole or sudden bumps creates a negative impact on cat tyres and causes them to get damaged early. Moreover, an impact or puncture on the sidewall will compromise the structural integrity and make it prone to a sudden burst or blowout. Ensure you get your tyres inspected as soon as you can if they collide at high speeds.

You can drive down to a tyre repair centre to know more about Hankook Tyres Reading or contact a tyre expert.