Top reasons to apply for gold loans

Top reasons to apply for gold loans

Are you stuck with the financial issues? And thinking of how to get out of it? getting the gold loan is the right option. Gold loan will come to rescue you at any time. You can now get the required amount from your gold or coins by choosing the gold loan option to solve your financial needs. As this is a kind of secured loan, you can avail it anytime you have financial burdens at affordable interest rates. 

Other than the lowest interest rates, there are many reasons to get the loan facility and sure this will be a best choice for you. Gold loans Surat will provide a rescue choice when you are stuck in financial issue or if you in any kind of emergency situations.  Here in this article, we will let you know some of the reasons to choose the gold loans over other loans.

  • Higher ratio of loan and value

You don’t have to worry about the sanctioning of the amount. This totally depends on the gold you possess in your hand and bankers can provide you with the value that you have and instantly disburse the amount right into your account. You will get almost 90% of the value of the gold in your account and thus you get the great value for the gold and the ratio you get is really high for the promising interests. 

  • Instant money transfer

Another reason to choose the gold loans over the other loans is that you don’t

have to show many documents to get the loan and the amount you need can be

instantly transferred to your account. The lender will assess your gold

ornaments and you can get the amount credited to your account in a maximum

of 24 hours. Once your gold is tested, your loan amount will be disbursed in the


  • Less or no documentation 

When you wanted to get the loan from the bank on your gold, you don’t have to get any documents prepared as your gold will speak more about you. All you need is the quality gold, and the banker will get the loan based on the quality and weight of the gold. This will be the most eligible collateral you are giving to the bank and thus is the secured way of transferring amount. 

  • More safety to your gold

Another reason why gold loan is preferred is that you need not worry about placing the gold at home and worried about the theft. You can get the gold loan as it is quite safer to be in bank and the amount you get really satisfies you. This way you get benefited in two ways. The banker of gold loan in Surat also gets the collateral with the jewelry, and you can also get yourself out of the financial issues. 

Other reason you might choose gold loans include:

  • End to end freedom from all financial needs
  • No eligibility criteria required to get this loan
  • You need not show any income to avail this loan


When you have emergency situations or any financial issues, you can now avail the gold loans with the gold you have on hand. With the above reasons, you might have an idea of why this can be chosen over other loans.