Top 8 Reasons To Pursue Higher Education in Canada

Top 8 Reasons To Pursue Higher Education in Canada

Canada has become one of the most popular study destinations for students due to its education-friendly environment and exposure. The best part is Canada can provide all these at a much cheaper rate than its neighbouring country, the USA. The cost of living in Canada is lower than in most parts of America. Therefore, it is much easier for the students to afford the cost of education and living in Canada. That enables you to get funds to pay for your Revit assignment help, college fees, or any personal expenses. Not to mention working abroad enriches you with vital work experiences that may come in handy later on. You can work up to 20 hours a week while studying in Canada. These hours don’t go to waste. When you apply for post-study work permits, you can always mention these in your resume.

Canada also boasts of having some of the top-ranked universities worldwide like the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia and the University of Alberta. Canada also has the best network of community colleges currently. So, you can get decent education even if you don’t have the financial cushion to fall on.

Here are 8 reasons that will convince you to move to Canada for higher studies –

  1. Best quality education

One of the primary reasons to study in Canada is that this country provides the best quality infrastructure for education. The motto of the Canadian education system is to develop the students ready for the future.

You can choose from many streams like IT, Engineering, management, Healthcare, Economics, and many more. Canada offers you many colleges and universities to choose from. However, whichever college you want to apply to, you need to write an excellent letter to the dean or the principal of that institute. Your admission process depends on how confident and excited you seem from the letters. At the same time, you must not sound too cocky. If you do not feel comfortable writing the perfect letter, take help from some letter writing services available online.

2. Work and study simultaneously

Many countries do not allow their students to work while they are studying. Canada is an exception in this matter. The Canadian Government feels that the students can earn even while studying. Sustaining your expenses in a foreign country is not easy. Many students tend to drop out of college because of the high lifestyle expenses. So, the Government allows you to balance work and study if you feel comfortable balancing both.

3. Low education cost

Another reason many students prefer to study in Canada is because of the low education cost. If you compare Canada with other study destinations like the UK or the US, you will find significantly lower education fees in Canada. Besides, since you have the option to work while you study in Canada, that sweetens the deal even more. Additionally, you can apply for several scholarship programs as well. If you manage to get hold of a scholarship, that will ease the pressure of educational expenses.

4. Dynamic environment

There is a massive chunk of international students in all the colleges and universities of Canada. Thus, it makes the country a melting pot of diverse traditions and cultures. To put things into perspective, over a million international students are currently studying in Canada. A country like Fiji has less than one million population. You certainly won’t feel like an outsider in a new country ever again when you think like this.

Plus, Canada is famous for its polite and welcoming nature. It is the perfect place to experience different ethnicities and festivals of various countries and cultures. This vast diversity is what makes Canada the ideal study destination for international students.

5. Best living conditions

As per the United Nations reports, Canada tops the list of best places to live in the world right now. This country offers innumerable educational opportunities apart from high quality of life. Canada is one of those countries with abundant clean water, clear air, world-class healthcare, among many others. Moreover, Canada does not discriminate against international students. Everyone staying in Canada can enjoy the same rights. The crime rate is also astonishingly low in Canada, and hardly any records of any violent crimes.

6. Fantastic job opportunities

One of the most notable benefits of pursuing your higher studies in Canada is the abundance of job opportunities. Since the population density in Canada is not much, there remain enough options for the international students to try their luck in various job profiles. There are abundant options in different sectors like medicine, media, telecommunications, agriculture, computer technology, even in politics.

Canada also provides post-study work opportunities so that you can work under any company while staying in Canada.

7. Beautiful scenery and weather

Canada is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Tourism is one of the primary income sources of the country, and thousands of tourists visit the country every year. You can experience six time zones in a single country, and while you are in the country, you can invest some time from your studies to explore this beautiful land.

8. Immigration opportunities

Canada provides immigration opportunities to all international students. You can get a three-year post-study work permit to understand the work culture in Canada. Canadian Express Entry allows students to immigrate to the country without any hassle. Additionally, it offers bonus points to those with experience studying and working in Canada.

Parting Thoughts

If you pursue your higher education and have significant work experience in Canada, this country gives you the option of relocating permanently to Canada with your family. The warm summers to magical winters, and other mentioned reasons make Canada the perfect destination for higher studies.

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