Top 5 Stylish Kitchen Designs

Top 5 Stylish Kitchen Designs

Designing goes from the kitchen to the dining room and into the living room. Everything flows together and produces great entertainment. Are you more into designing your kitchen or turning your kitchen into a dream kitchen? Therefore you have to learn some essential kitchen tips to help you realize your dream kitchen. There are plenty of details that you could incorporate in your kitchen. There is also a large variety of materials available to make a durable and functional kitchen in the market.  

The kitchen is about the aesthetics values, but more importantly, it meets the homeowners’ requirements. Making the usability of the space, functionality, and optimized environment makes the kitchen a wonderful place to work. Cabinets and countertops are always a significant part of any kitchen. 

For your convenience, there are the top five stylish kitchen designs that you can apply to your kitchen and transform your kitchen into your dream kitchen.  

  1. Pellucid Oenophile
  2. The Edge
  3. Celestial Beauty
  4. The Vantage
  5. Mangata

Pellucid Oenophile

This stylish kitchen design comes with a combination of black and solid veneer finish. An island counter finished with a basic hob, and a large single bowl basin can make this design fully functional. It gives the storage beneath a pull-out crockery drawer with a water tray beneath. It allows all the plates, cups, and bowls to be stowed neatly away. Impressive details highlighted that the solid veneer wood grain carcass makes the kitchen piece of work outstanding, especially when the cabinet’s lights are switched off. 

The kitchen itself proves the balance of everything. You can also use the bohemian runner to add colors and fun. The backsplash is an area of the kitchen that you can constantly change up easily, update, and work on existing trends. 

The Edge

When slicing across the dry kitchen, the pushing boundaries of the kitchen design with a white sintered stone top can flourish your kitchen. You can either use your cabinets tucked behind the dry kitchen in L-shape. You can stylishly design your kitchen from dishwashers to sauce drawers while keeping its maximum functionality and by considering the idea of purchasing your wholesale cabinets online.

Benchtops that have fine edges look perfect in the kitchen. Being highly resistant to high temperature and decomposition, these are undoubtedly a great addition to your kitchen. If you have open shelves in your kitchen, you can style your open shelving with curved round decorative features. 

Celestial Beauty

There comes the sleek and modern kitchen design, which is famous for its premium silver-flash lacquer finish. This design is already equipped with multiple storage cabinets. It has built-in organizers, kitchen island paired with a glass display on the side. It has a timber finish internal carcass that compliments the full-height glass display. 

Apart from the excellent installation, intelligent use of lightning and wall colors matters a lot. Celestial decor estimates how your kitchen appears and what choices matter. One of the most basic yet required gear is the stainless steel benchtops. It gives a quite artistic and attractive sense of prevention from dust, destruction, and stress-free maintenance.  

The Vantage

This kitchen design is charismatic and wealthy and usually has a finish in black with a highlighted glimpse of brass finishing. The size of the island that comes with this design spans across the entire kitchen. It gives endless possibilities to utilize the kitchen countertop. The bright side of this kitchen design is that it shares dual side access for easy serving and preparation. 

One of the exciting solutions in space planning is placing your dining table adjacent to the kitchen island gives the entire kitchen a more significant visual impact. With a matching artistic and design approach, a chunky solid wood top spreads your aesthetics all around the kitchen. 


This kitchen design gives a pleasantly modern look and feels when fully integrated with grey aluminum carcasses and doors. The functional part of this kitchen design has sliding doors that divide both the dry and the wet portion of the kitchen. You can cleverly tackle the L-shaped cabinetry by enhancing the beauty of having a skylight in the kitchen. 

You can opt for cream and light color scheme to lean into the warmth of your kitchen counters. That is something which every kitchen could not enjoy. You can also use diamond cutouts to your Forevermark kitchen cabinets to add smooth symmetry. 

Final Thoughts

 Kitchens are turning into more livable and comfortable spaces in our homes. There are so many kitchen tips and accessories available in the market that could potentially optimize the functionality of your dream kitchen. Kitchen cabinets and countertops always stand to elevate the kitchen. Whenever you are up to bring the cabinets for your kitchen, follow the requirements of your kitchen and may check the wholesale cabinets online. It can allow you to have various options at a single time. They are going from a clean workspace to a comfortable, decorated, livable space.