Top 5 Medical Translation Services Companies in 2022

Top 5 Medical Translation Services Companies in 2022

Medical translation is a special kind of translation. Medical companies go for only specialized persons that can do this translation because it is associated with human life.

Developing countries of the world are spending a large amount of money on health care to mitigate the probability of lethal disease.  

Therefore, many people from developed countries go to developed countries to get state-of-the-art health care facilities. The people that go for treatment in foreign countries face the communication barrier because of differences in languages. 

To address this problem, they take the assistance of medical certified translation. In this way, they can provide their medical record to foreign hospitals in the language that they understand.  

Many medical translation services companies are working around the globe. Are you confused about which company to hire? Worry not. We provide you with a list of the top 5 medical translation services companies. Let’s dive into them.

Day Translation

Day Translation is the top leading translation agency. It is providing seamless translation services in several fields. Medical translation services are one of them. Medical is a very sensitive field. 

Knowing this fact, Day Translation has a team of certified and trained professionals that understands both the source and target language. Moreover, they also know the field of medicine. 

They use relevant medical terminologies in the translated medical documents. If you are looking for a professional medical translation agency then do opt for Day Translation.

The team of proficient and experienced translators at Day Translation ensures that hospitals, clinics, and practitioners can provide the best medical services to people that have limited English proficiency. 

Whether you want medical reports and clinical trials translation or medical documents and clinical studies, Day Translation covers all this.

K International

The medical field is making progress day by day. New technologies are innovated to diagnose the ailment of the patients.  These devices are manufactured in different parts of the world. 

To use them globally, you need the assistance of medical translation services. At present doctors, scientists and researchers are using several devices and tools to treat the human body. 

They can use these devices optimally if the instructions provided to them are in the language that they understand.  Using medical devices can be risky both for the medical practitioner and the patients. 

Therefore, you must ensure that the instructions regarding the device are provided in the user’s native language with the help of medical translation services. In this way, they can operate and handle the medical equipment properly. 

You must be wondering where to get impeccable medical translation services. K International is here for you. It is one of the leading translation agencies that can provide you with translation in all sorts of medical documentation in more than 250 languages.

LanguageLine Solutions

LanguageLine Solutions is one of the top leading translation agencies. It is providing state-of-the-art translation and interpretation services to global patients and caregivers in health-related emergencies. 

On North America’s side, this agency is helping many healthcare organizations. People working in the healthcare sector can take leverage from this agency because it can provide them with on-demand seamless translation services at fast turnaround times and economical rates. 

Peace of mind is very important for the patients that are admits to the hospital. They get very frustratewhen they don’t understand what the doctor and nurse are saying

Therefore, if you hire the services of Language Line solutions, they help you in communicating with patients in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner. 

People can understand the prescribed treatment provided by doctors and recover from their ailment soon. Inability to follow the treatment can result in human demise and lawsuits.


CCJK is an ISO-certified multilingual solution provider. It has been facilitating the language industry for two decades. If you are in the medical industry and want to tap into foreign countries, then do take the services of CCJK.

Whether you are in the pharmacy business or the medical equipment business, it will provide you with seamless medical translation services. 

CCJK employs a team of native translators that are also subject-matter experts in their fields. Moreover, they have experience in handling medical translation projects. 

These translators are hire from around the globe with strict assessments. Quality insurance is taken into account to ensure the credibility and reliability of the translation services. 

With the help of proficient translators at their back, they are providing medical translation solutions in many language pairs.  

The documents that they translate in the medical field are clinical studies, international patents, information for use, marketing material, medical device manuals, patient diaries, and many more. 

Mars Translation

Mars Translation is the market leader in the translation agency. It is providing state-of-the-art translation services in several fields. 

The medical field is one of them. Whether you need pharmaceutical translation services or translation of medical reports, Mars Translation is here for assistance 24 by 7. 

The competent translators at Mars translation can provide you with medical translations in an array of documents like patient reports, test procedures, clinical trials, discharge summaries, medical research, pharmacological studies, drug packaging and labels, healthcare surveys, and medical websites. 

The best part of Mars Translation is that they deliver the medical translation projects in a fast turnaround time and economical rates. Human health depends upon the medical field. 

Therefore, people are very sensitive in looking for a translation agency that can provide them with quality medical translation services. 

You can opt for Mars translation services with peace of mind because it is back by ISO 9001:2008 that ensures high-quality standards.

Wrapping Up

In the old days, people died because they didn’t get proper healthcare facilities. Thanks to technology, that has made translation services available to the masses with just one click. 

Now you can travel around the world with peace of mind because with the help of medical certified translation services, you can take advantage of the best health care services. 

You can select a translation agency from the above-mentioned translation companies according to your medical and translation requirements.