Tips And Tricks How To Win at Solitaire Online Game

Tips And Tricks How To Win at Solitaire Online Game

Solitaire is both an online and offline card game in which only 1 player can play at a time. 

Traditional solitaire or Klondike solitaire is a 52 card decks game, this game is also known as  Patience game.

To make this game more interesting a long time ago people invented some of its other types too which include Spider, FreeCell, Tripeaks, Pyramid. 

The basic rules of these different types remain the same but it includes some tasks and challenges which make the game more interesting for the players. 

Solitaire is one of the oldest traditional yet simplest games but you need alot of patience and winning tips and tricks in order to win it.

In this article, we are going to discuss some tips and tricks that will help you to win this card game easily.

Learn the Rules:

First of all, you have to learn the basic rules of this game.

After learning and understanding the rules completely you can practice it anywhere you want but pick a trustworthy online playing site, royal1688 is one of the best trustworthy online playing sites.

The basic rule of this game is to place all the cards in ascending order starting from Ace and ending at the king.

To know the proper rules of this game watch videos on youtube or you can read different articles or blogs too.

Expose Larger Stacks First:

It’s one of the effective tricks in order to win this game you have to expose and target the larger stacks first.

If you observe any column with large card stacks it’s recommended to target it first.

When you target the large stacks it will help you in revealing more and more new cards.

When you get more newly revealed cards you can build more piles using them. 

Once the cards in the stockpile get finished you only have to work with cards that are available in the deck.

Don’t Empty a Spot Without a King:

If you want to win the game never leave an empty spot without a king. If you dont own a king card you cant place any other card in the empty place. 

The biggest mistake to make in solitaire is to empty the piles or tableau spots only to remove the cards from the slot, it will do nothing but only blocks the column.

Always Keep Color in Mind when Filling a Space: 

Before deciding your king card color, carefully look for the available queen and jack card colors. Depending on those card colors you have to decide whether to place a red king or a black king.

First, imagine the piling of your card in your mind and then do it on the tableau. 

Examine your cards very carefully otherwise, you will get stuck during the piles stacking.

Turn Up the First Deck Card First:

This trick might sound worthless but it’s not, if you want to start your game in a good way the first thing you need to do is flip the first card of the deck.  

This trick also helps you if you want to build more foundation decks or piles. More and more options are always less in solitaire.

Play the Ace or Two:

If you get Ace or Two from the stockpile make sure to place them in their right spot quickly.

Not drawing more cards from the stockpile and placing the Ace and Two in their correct spot is one of the best moves in this card game.

Move Quickly:

If you are playing online solitaire the timings might affect the final outcome of the game.

Some solitaire games are time-based also so if you are playing timed solitaire you have to move very quickly.

Wrapping It All Up!!

Solitaire is an old game but due to its great benefits still, people in this era play it.

Above mentioned are the few tips and tricks that will help you in winning the solitaire game.