This New Way to Use Dab boxes to present your product properly

This New Way to Use Dab boxes to present your product properly

The development of some brilliant CBD dab products is not rocket science. Every second CBD brand in today’s market can easily manage to produce some quality products. But, they fail on a very important front, i.e., effective introduction and launch of these items. If you have thought of using the dab boxes for shipping purposes only, think again. They can serve a central role in the effective introduction and pitching of your excellent CBD items. But, to turn them useful for this purpose, some creative design from your end is required. We understand your limitations to come up with handy design ideas which is why we have devised this guide.

Partly transparent look:

Humans are visual creatures and customers are no exception. The desire for a product preview prior to the purchase can never end. While you can argue about the featuring of some product-related graphics in the packaging design, nothing can replicate the actual experience. Think from a wiser angle and capitalize by fulfilling this fundamental craving of the clients. Make use of die-cut technology to incorporate some window patches at almost half part of the custom dab boxes. The creative the shape of the die-cut windows, the more you stand the chance of attracting potential clients. So, do not forget to think of some unusual shapes when looking to stylize the look of packages for product presentation.

Black and white:

For a brilliant display of your CBD dab products, you need to take a modern twist on dab packaging. The Black and white appearance overall looks classic and is widely used by numerous brands to highlight minimalism and luxuriousness. So, why not switch up the traditional look of your boxes with this packaging design? Apparently, it may seem illogical to pick colors for your packaging design that are not so bold and bright. But, they can really give a competitive edge to your items to stand out in a sea of other similar CBD products. The black and white themes on the packaging make it look timeless and send vibes about the premium nature of items. They create such an elegant display that customers cannot resist the visual pitch of your CBD items.

Health-focused design:

The first-ever introduction of CBD dab items in the market was from a health perspective. They have tremendous healing potential to deal with various sorts of diseases. Their use for recreational purposes was disclosed quite later, so you need to consider the market of your items first. A stand-out impact on the shelves is possible only when there is some sort of “pull” factor for the customers of these items. To achieve that, emphasize a few basic health advantages of these items and stay in line with legal obligations. Use specific medical icons that call attention to their strength in eliminating various ailments. Also, use some medical-related language with stylish typography to portray the efficacy of your items in addressing specific health issues. This health-focused design would provide assistance in convincing a wider target audience during product display.

Embossed leafy imagery:

The use of imagery in the packaging design can bring far better results in the proper and effective presentation of dab items. Irrelevant and unattractive imagery will only add to the disappointment of the potential clients. So, think wisely and prefer using leafy imagery when designing custom dab boxes. Near many dab brands, the use of such imagery is a cliché since everyone is making use of it. It may be true, but, one should remember that it can create easy product recognition and give a hint at your brand. To break the cliché, think of embossing the leafy graphics. It will create a raised surface over the packages and provide a 3D look to entice the buyers. As the customers are tactile creatures, the raised images will give them a unique experience that will make your items appear more attractive.

Launch special editions:

Getting attracted to a unique presentation and getting influenced by it could be a bad habit for potential clients. But, as a seller, you can benefit a lot by building this habit in your target market. Keep an eye over what is trending in the market and try to come up with designs of dab packaging that are limited edition. For example, on international health day, you may want to launch a limited edition of your packaging. This is a precise and accurate way to promote your dab products while also encouraging impulse buying among clients.

Ordinary and simplicity-oriented wholesale boxes are of no use in product presentation. Overall, they need an exquisite appearance that has the right potential to lure the customers’ eyes in first-ever interaction. All these ideas ranging from transparent die-cuts to featuring particular themes are influential in elevating product display.