The Top 10 Attendance apps to look for in 2022

The Top 10 Attendance apps to look for in 2022

Employees’ timing and attendance are crucial for any organization’s management. However, businesses traditionally measure the attendance of the employees manually.

In the modern era, there are many tools and apps for everything; there are many attendance management apps that are helping employers to manage employees’ timing and attendance easily. 

This article has covered the top 10 best attendance apps to look for, which will surely help you select the best for your organization.  

1. factoTime- Free Employee Attendance, Payroll, Time Tracking

factoTime is an excellent app for tracking and recording employees’ attendance and time. In addition, this app allows marking an attendance punch with a selfie-and location. The app also offers a salary calculation feature which makes payout management easy for employers. 

Moreover, The app maintains all the data of the employees, and employers can access this data by downloading daily, monthly, and all-time reports. The app is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. The app has free and paid versions.

Special features:

  • Punch + selfie + location 
  • Salary management 
  • Punch with QR code 
  • Punch from a registered device
  • Improbable reporting
  • Leave management 

2. StaffApp -Free Attendance Payroll Staff Management

Staff app is a Hassle-Free solution for attendance, salary, and payroll management. With this app, employees can mark the attendance punch with a selfie. With the help of this app, business owners and HR professionals can generate reports, manage payroll and salary calculations of the employees. 

Furthermore, it’s easy to manage  PF, ESI, PT, and TDS compliance with the staff app. The app has an android and desktop interface. Therefore, the app is an efficient and effective solution for attendance and payroll for small businesses.

Special features:

  • Salary management
  • Payroll management
  • Selfie mark
  • Accurate Reports 
  • Sms and Whatsapp reminder 

3. Smartstaff – Track Daily Salary, Attendance & PF

Smartstaff is another app for tracking and recording attendance and managing payroll for small and medium-sized businesses. As of now, the app is providing services to registered users only. The app is available in 5 Indian languages. The app allows employees to mark their daily attendance, apply the leaves, check PF and pension balance, and check the shift.

With the help of this app, employees and employers get easy access to the data. In addition, the app has a referral program; you can earn some bonuses by sharing this app with your friends. 

Special features:

  • Daily attendance 
  • Timesheets
  • Real-time data tracking 
  • Check PF & PENSION balance
  • Leave Management 

4. Checkin – Attendance tracker with QR / GPS

As the name suggests, Checkin is the app for tracking the employees’ attendance. The app is designed especially for start-ups, colleges, and small businesses to fulfill their attendance maintaining requirements. The app helps mark daily attendance, generate attendance reports, and leave management.

The app has a user-friendly and straightforward interface; the app allows 10 free users to access the app; for more users, you need to subscribe to the paid plan. 

Special features:

  • Quick report generation
  • Manual check-in by admin 
  • Location tracking while punching 
  • Attendance dashboard 
  • Flexible attendee/employee management.
  • Attendance through QR code 

5. StaffPay – Attendance, Location, and PayRoll

StaffPay works as attendance management and a payroll solution. It has smart clock-in and clock-out functionality that enable employees to take a selfie while marking attendance and capturing the location of the employees. The app also has an intelligent onboarding feature where employees add and know about the organization.

Moreover, The app has a feature for payroll management called digital khata, where all the details related to the salary, bonus, and allowances are displayed to the employees. 

Special features:

  • Simplified Location Tracking
  • Smart Attendance
  • Salary management 
  • Online Onboarding

6. Daewoo Attendance

Daewoo attendance app is the new and intelligent attendance and leave management tool for the organization. This app is a paperless alternative for recording the attendance of employees. With the help of this app, employees can mark their presence or apply for the whole day/half day leave; the admin can check the employees’ data and approve or reject the employees’ leave requests.  

With the app, the admin gets access to employees’ lists, working hours details, late-coming reports, etc.  

Special features:

  • Real-time attendance tracking 
  • Employees reports
  • Leave management

7. Waah Staff: Salary and Attendance Management App

Waah staff is a budget-friendly attendance and salary management app for the organization. It can be used for marking presence through mobile phone, and for leave application and check other details like salary, bonus, and allowances. 

With this app, employers will get an overview of when and where employees punch in/out, leave, and help with salary calculation. In this way, the employers will increase the accuracy of the payroll process. 

Special features:

  • Auto calculation of salary 
  • Cost-Effective
  • User-friendly
  • Smart attendance tracking 

8. Employee Attendance Tracker

This is another android app for tracking the attendance of the employees. However, the app is only focused on attendance tracking. With this app, employees can easily mark their presence while employers get all information about employees’ timing.  

The app can ease job scheduling, reduce paperwork and manual efforts, improve productivity and Synchronize the workforce. Moreover, employers can send notice to all employees at once with the notice board feature.  

Special features:

  • Multi-Platform Usage
  • Secure Business Data
  • Multiple Reports
  • Daily Employee Attendance tracking
  • Notice Board

9. InOut : Time & Attendance

Yet another excellent time and attendance tracking solution, InOut: time and attendance, allows employees to punch in without any hustle. This app enables employers to get accurate information about employees’ timing and productivity. 

The app’s unique feature is offline punch; even if the employees are not in any network, employees can also punch with this app. Furthermore, the Roster mode feature allows scheduling applications to handle complex, overlapping, rotating, and overnight schedules. 

Special features:

  • Selfie Attendance
  • Face Detection
  • Geo-Location Tracking
  • Roster Management
  • Offline Attendance 
  • HRM Integration

10. Employee entry & attendance app

This is a robust employee attendance management app used by organizations to boost team productivity. Employees can mark their presence by their mobile phone, and employers can track productivity from their data. 

Employers get a report of employees’ working hours and leave information at any time anywhere. Employers can download this report on a daily and monthly basis. 

Special features:

  • Attendance entry
  • Customized report
  • User-friendly interface


An attendance management app is a must-have tool for every business. These apps offer different features to make the attendance management system easy for you.