The Techniques of Applying Lipstick Like A Pro

The Techniques of Applying Lipstick Like A Pro

Lipstick enhances the beauty of women and has been used by women from time immemorial. But applying the lipstick is also a work of art that needs minute precision and technique. Here are some of the techniques that will assist you in putting on the perfect lipstick.  

Techniques to apply perfect lipstick:

●  Exfoliating the lips:

Lipstick can flake off your lips or break in spots, especially if you’re using mattes. Exfoliation is the most critical phase, leaving you with a blank canvas to work with. Rub the exfoliator lightly on your lips. You can also use a toothbrush to dig deep into the pores and remove dead skin.

 ● Moisturisation:

Your lips will feel a little dry after exfoliating. Now is the moment to moisturise your lips with a thick layer of lip cream or balm. A lip balm will help keep your lips from looking dry and cracked, allowing the lipstick to glide on smoothly. Combine the two steps together by using the Lotus Colourkick Exfoliating and Hydrating Lip Sugar It exfoliates and also gives your lips hydration for a fuller look.

●  Applying foundation:

After that, apply some foundation. This step is essential if your lipstick has a rich colour payoff. Don’t skip it if you have pigmented lips because it will balance your skin tone. As you can see, a flawless application is more about preparation than the application itself, so take your time and do your homework.

Lip liner:

Using a lip liner to outline the cupid’s bow can be helpful. First, find the highest point of your lip. Then, draw a line from this point. This will give you a point X. The bottom of your lip is just below the middle of the X. Once you’ve done this, apply your lipstick. It should last all day.

Applying the lipstick:

The method is the same whether it’s straight from the bullet, with a brush, or with a liquid formulation. Begin by applying it to your lower lip within the boundary you’ve made around your pout. If you practise enough, you’ll be able to accomplish it in one swipe, but if you cannot, don’t worry. Next, split your lower lip into parts and apply it to the centre by tugging inwards. Next, divide your top lip in half again, then continue the process as you did with the lower lip, swiping towards your cupid’s X.

Make it last:

Place a single layer of tissue on your pout and dust with loose powder to make it last. It’ll lock the formula in place and keep it there for hours!

Lotus Ecostay Matte Lip Colour

Ecostay Lip Lacquer gives you the perfect lip colour in an ultra-luxurious cushion texture. It glides in easily and covers flaws without settling into fine lines. With its smooth, silky texture, it gives you a velvety, seamless look that is both hydrating and transfer-proof. In addition, the Lip Lacquer provides moisture and a rich colour payoff in just one swipe.

Ecostay Lip Colour is a natural, long-lasting, moisturising lip colour free of preservatives. With only one stroke, your lips will have a healthy shine all day long, with no loss of moisture and a flawless finish. UV protection is provided by SPF 20.

Lotus Lipstick range

The Lotus lipsticks come in a variety of formulations. They are available in matte, glossy, shimmer, and metallic creme varieties. Enjoy a creamy and velvety texture with herbal ingredients that make lips soft and smooth. The colour selection is also quite varied without being too intense, making them suitable for most skin tones. This line of lipsticks is free from preservatives and has an excellent colour payoff, making it the perfect lipstick for Indian women. There is a lip shade to suit every taste and mood.

If you’re between brown and nude, you can try coloured nude lipsticks like the Lotus Ecostay Butter Matte Lipstick in Mellow Nude. This will help you get the exact colour that you need without mixing four different shades. This lip shade is a great choice for a more subtle look.


Lotus Makeup has a range of high-performace cruelty-free vegan products. They are made using natural herbal ingredients and are absolutely safe to use. The lipsticks are made to suit various skin tones and are suitable for day and evening usage. Their products are created from top quality, scientifically developed herbal ingredients and are devoid of chemicals.