The PMPL League South Asia Championship 2021 will go up on June 10th

The PMPL League South Asia Championship 2021 will go up on June 10th

The first season of the PMPL PUBG MOBILE Pro League South Asia Championship will begin on June 10th, with the 16 top teams from across South Asia competing for a 150,000 USD prize pool.

The three-day tournament, which runs from June 10th to 13th, promises unequalled PUBG MOBILE action.  Nine teams from the PMPL SA S3: Finals, four teams from PMCO HTM, two teams from PMCO Wildcard, and Skylightz Gaming, the PMPL SA S2: Finals champion, make up the 16 competing teams.

The following are the 15 teams who will compete in the PMPL SA Championship:

  1. Skylightz Gaming is a company that specialises in video games
  2. DRS GAMING is a company that specialises in gaming
  4. 7Sea Esports is a company that specialises in esports
  5. Guys with Deadeyes
  6. Taught to Kill (PMPL SA Finals)
  7. A1 Esports was founded in 1952.
  9. STALWARxFLEX is a trademark of STALWAR
  10. PN Team
  11. LIT Esports is a company that specialises in esports (PMCO HTM)
  12. Insomnia (PMCO HTM)
  13. INV Esports is a company that specialises in esports (PMCO HTM)
  14. SDGaming (South Dakota Gaming) (PMCO HTM)
  15. APES INC Astra Academy (PMCO Wildcard) (PMCO Wildcard)

The SA Championship will be broadcast live on PUBG MOBILE Esports’ YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch channels at 18:00 (GMT +5:30).

The PUBG MOBILE Pro League is the PUBG MOBILE Esports program’s regional and national pro-level competition. Pubg mobile Southeast Asia Championship, PMPL Americas Championship, PMPL South Asia Championship, and EMEA Championship are the four regional championships that make up the PMPL. The best teams from the PUBG MOBILE Club Open (PMCO) and the PUBG MOBILE National Championship compete in the (PMNC). The total prize pool for the whole PUBG MOBILE Esports programme in 2021 is $14,000,000 USD, the most in mobile esports history. If you study about PMPL top fraggers then go to techwrath blogs.

In 2021, as the official smartphone partner of PUBG MOBILE Esports in South Asia, OPPO will play a key role in giving the region’s gamers an extraordinarily immersive and fluid gaming experience. PUBG MOBILE is based on the hit game PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, which swept the world of interactive entertainment in 2017. Up to 100 player’s parachut onto a secluded island for a winner-take-all combat. In an aesthetically and strategically rich combat that forces players into a diminishing play zone, players must seek and scavenge their own weapons, vehicles, and supplies, as well as defeat every other player.

Season 1 of the PUBG Mobile Pro League in South Asia

Teams from India, Nepal, and Bangladesh competed in the inaugural season of the SA. After three weeks of league stages, Orange Rock was crowned winners, while Celtz emerged victorious in the finals.

The MVP award went to Clutchgod of TSM Entity.

The competition included a prize pool of $200k USD (1.5 crore INR), with the top seven teams qualifying for the PUBG Mobile World League East.

Season 2 South Asia of the PUBG Mobile Pro League

PMPL’s second season featured teams from Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan due to the prohibition on PUBG Mobile in India. The league stage was won by Nepal’s Deadeyes Guys, and the finals were won by Abrupt Slayers.

The MVP award went to Nima from DRS Gaming. The prize pool for the second season was also identical to that of the first. The Global Championship is open to the top three teams from the finals.  The PUBG Mobile Pro League is the perfect example of underdog teams facing off against established teams.

Competition will be harder now that the Wildcard zone in South Asia has been included. It will be thrilling to follow the tournament’s progress.