The Most Important Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement

The Most Important Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement

Your basement area is more than simply a spot to store the odds and ends you want to keep out of sight. It’s also the foundational structure of your complete home. This inescapable fact alone is enough to justify basement waterproofing michigan areas, but there are more techniques this small precaution could protect your home

While leaky basements are one common problem, taking precautionary measures to keep your below-grade interior spaces from flooding might be the best answer, especially as you now know that water is the leading cause of structural issues. Basement waterproofing is an outstanding investment because it helps prevent water damage and mold, which often contributes to costly repairs.

Before you engage a specialist, you’ll wish to have some basic understanding of the methods and products used to prevent basement leaks. Knowing a bit more about the process of curing a leaky basement or what waterproofing involves is important. Apart from knowing what things to expect, arming yourself with this information can certainly help you choose the right service provider.

Waterproofing situations are often completely different, and are also the basements involved. Therefore, identifying the exact location of moisture penetration is just as important as developing a perfect and sustainable solution. Here’s a look at the three methods used to make below-grade spaces impermeable.

Prevent Flooding
Flash floods pose a serious threat to basement areas that extend below ground level, which is pretty much most of them. In fact, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) estimates that floods cause $3 billion in damages claims yearly, making them the main most destructive natural disaster in America. Basement waterproofing will help protect your home from water damage that could ruin any valuables you store there, no matter the elements.

Prevent Mold and Mildew
Even without flooding, basement water leaks from simple rain or snow might lead to a moisture buildup in your house. That could lead to dangerous mildew and mold growths, which can cause health issues ranging from coughing and skin irritation to aggravating allergies and asthma.

Prevent Cracks in Foundation
When moisture gets trapped in the small porous surfaces of an basement foundation, it can expand and contract as temperatures rise and fall, resulting in cracks that might be hazardous to the general structural integrity of your house itself. Fixing leaks in basement walls and waterproofing basement spaces will prevent costly foundation repairs.

Reduce Energy Costs
A warm and wet basement will drive up the humidity of your house during the summer months, which makes it more costly to cool. Alternatively, cracks in your foundation might be letting in cold winter air despite your time and effort to keep carefully the house warm. Waterproofing will better insulate your complete home and make your heating and cooling better year-round.

Increase Value
A waterproofed basement automatically adds property value to your house, making it easier to finish or refurbish if you so choose. Plus, it also adds protection and security in every of the ways mentioned above. The revenue practically will pay for itself.