The Most Accurate Method Of Tyre Storage

The Most Accurate Method Of Tyre Storage

For years, storing tyres has been considered a myth. People don’t store tyres properly. What they do is just keep them aside to use them in another season. This is the wrong way of maintaining the life of your tyres. By doing this, you are damaging them and wasting your money. You should know, you spend hundreds of pounds on your Continental Tyres Rugeley and do not store them properly. You should know, your tyres are the most influential part of the vehicle and yet they are ignored the most.

Getting yourself a new model car is cool but ignoring your tyres is not You must pay special attention to your tyres as they provide you with safety while driving in different road conditions. This is why they are given ultimate importance. Not just this, there are several other reasons as well. There is a significant and appropriate way of storing the tyres. 

You can get plenty of this information online. Tyres that are stored in less-than-ideal conditions for long periods will suffer damage. When faced with the need to store tyres, it is critical to remember that nothing less than ideal conditions will suffice. This is the only way to keep the tyre safe for the time it is being stored.

There are so many reasons why you should store them properly –

– If you do so, you will be able to use them in the next season without getting repaired.

– By storing the tyres, properly you will increase the life of your tyres and hence the performance as well.

– Tyres are the best part of storing them, you are saving your money and time on purchasing new tyres.

A Proper Way Of Storing Your Tyres-

  • When the season is changing, you will need to switch your tyres. And in every season you cannot buy new tyres. So, storing them is the best option you have. First of all, you should have at least two sets of tyres so that you can use two different types of tyres in different seasons.
  • When you unmount your tyres, you must check them properly. The first thing you will do is clean them with warm water and mild detergent. By doing so you are washing away all the dirt and cleaning your tyres. In the process of cleaning, you will self-investigation the tyre and check for cuts, any stuck objects, punctures, and signs that might affect the life of your tyres. Because while driving you don’t get to know if your tyres are getting damaged or not.
  • The next step involved is to let them air dry. Once you have washed the tyres do not use heat or any dryer on them. Keep them outside and let them air dry.
  • When they are dried, again check for any damage- like cuts, bulges, punctures, any major damage. If there is none it is time for you to pack them. For packing the tyres, you need to make sure that you pack them in air-tight bags. And having tyre sized bags is not common so you will need to buy such bags. If you are packing them in normal bags, you can vacuum the air from inside the bag. And then save them.
  • Before packing the tyres, you also need to ensure you do not use any type of lubrication, or protectant on them. This will only damage the surface of the tyre in long run.
  • Once they are packed, you will need to find a suitable place where you can place your tyres. You need to keep in mind that you cannot place your tyres in direct sunlight, UV rays will damage the tyre for a long time, you cannot put them in an open place, all the moisture and air will affect the rubber of the tyre. You will need to find a cosy place for your tyres to rest. In summers, the winter tyres should be placed inside cold and darkroom. While if you are storing summer tyres, you need to find a place that has room temperature and limited light.
  • Also, wherever you place your tyres, do not put place them near chemicals, lubrication liquids, etc. The harmful vapours of these chemicals will damage the plastic bags and also the rubber of the tyres.
  • Once you have found a place to keep your tyres, now you will need to place them. If you have demounted the tyres you can hang the rubber and the wheels separately and if the tyres are mounted, you can keep them vertically standing. This way you will protect the working state of the Tyres Rugeley.