The journey from bald to bold with hair transplant surgery

The journey from bald to bold with hair transplant surgery

Cosmetology surgeries are the most popular surgeries. There are many types of cosmetology surgeries available such as Facelift, Hair transplantation, Rhinoplasty, Lip Augmentation, Liposuction, Tummy tuck surgery, and on. So we can say for your every problem regarding the body alignment and contouring we have cosmetology surgeries. Apart from the face or body, cosmetology has specific surgery for your hair, that is hair transplantation surgery.

Rejuvenate your hair

Your hair is your pride. A good shiny looking hair adds charm to your look. But our confidence starts falling with the fall in hair growth, which gives birth to baldness and hair loss. But no more now, gain your confidence back with hair transplantation surgery. Hair transplantation surgery refers to taking healthy hair follicles from one region of your body and transplanting it into an area where there is hair loss. The surgery is performed by expert surgeons. The results of hair transplantation surgery are commendable.

Are hair transplants worth it?

Yes, you will surely be satisfied with the results of hair transplantation surgery.  The will give you natural-looking hair. The surgery is widely preferred. It can help to restore the fullness and gain self-confidence. Hair transplantation is a good option for those who have hair loss and baldness. Moreover, the contributions of surgeons regarding the efficiency of surgery play an important role in getting better results of the surgery.

Can transplanted hair grow longer?

Yes, it is possible to get a long hair growth like a long ponytail with hair transplantation surgery. It depends upon the patient that how long a patient can wait for the new hair growth before she or he had a haircut. You can get the long hair growth with hair transplantation surgery. Basically, the follicles which are transplant will grow up to their full length. You can click here for further details.

What are the side effects you can suffer after hair transplantation surgery?

There are a plethora of side effects that an individual can suffer after the hair transplantation surgery. These symptoms are temporary and can treat with symptomatic treatment and care. The symptoms you can suffer are

  • bleeding.
  • infection.
  • swelling of the scalp.
  • bruising around the eyes.
  • Crust formation on scalp
  • Numbness
  • Itching

These symptoms will gradually be diminishing with medication. However, if you feel any serious happening in your body then you should consult to your doctor immediately.

What is the cost of hair transplantation surgery in ludhiana?

If you are going to have hair transplantation surgery then go for hair transplantation surgery in ludhiana. The estimated hair transplant cost in ludhiana is Rs. 30000 to Rs. 40000. It can vary according to the surgeon and hospital facilities. Moreover, it depends upon the number of hair grafts, more the number of hair grafts more will be the cost of hair transplant surgery. A typical graft holds two or three strands of hair. Furthermore, you can consult to the doctor for the estimated cost of hair transplant surgery, they will guide you with the cost of complete surgery.