The Eaton Dh363urk Utility Switch Box

The Eaton Dh363urk Utility Switch Box

Utility switchbox cabinets involve a lot more than just an on/off function and power flow control. They have to be able to handle the involved flow without blowing circuits, without being workplace safety risk themselves, and they need to be durable enough to handle industrial conditions, temperatures and exposure as well. To the layperson’s eye, a high-quality switchbox might seem like just a doored panel with on/off levers inside, but to the industrial facility manager, it can literally be the manual safety production that saves lives.

Upping the Game on the Power Management Floor

The Eaton Dh363urk provides a utility switch cabinet with a 100A and 600V ac/240V voltage rating, with 1 or 3 phases all protected within a galvanized steel box. The unit provides a 3 pole assembly with an amperage rating of 100, and the longest length of the box structure is 11.13 inches.

A key protection is the non-fusible design assembly, allowing one to manually connect or shut off a load immediately from its source point distributed to a network. Multiple enclosure options are available, and NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 4X and 12 are included.

Keeping Curious Fingers Out

The security capabilities on the Eaton Dh363urk is also designed for keeping unauthorized parties out effectively. The box set up comes with a triple padlock capability, an interlocked door mesh resistant to partial prying, easy to identify door break tampering features, and an integrated quick stop rotary blade feature for emergency load kills.

Eaton’s Quality Makes the Difference

One might think that industrial switch components are all alike, but that’s a huge myth. Time and again, shoddy components for shut-offs, connection points, load flow control and similar have been the expensive downfall of many systems because folks didn’t maintain a quality approach for their entire power network assembly. The Eaton Dh363urk avoids this problem with a top grade design heavily tested for industrial conditions and expectations. When it matters most during an emergency and an immediate shut-off is needed, the Eaton switch cabinet is not going to fail. Even with the primary function compromised, the rotary cutter mechanism as a backup ensures load cut-off is all but a done deal aside from the manual initiation. And when people’s lives are directly at stake with the risk of a failed power cutoff, there’s no excuse to allow the use of lower quality equipment, ever.

Seagate Controls gives companies and industrial system managers direct access to Eaton’s product line, including the Eaton DH363urk switch cabinet assembly. Our specialists can help plan out and size the right enclosure set up for your needs, helping with guiding the installation for the best results and performance if questions come up during application. Give us a call or email to find out more about Eaton’s cutoff switch choices. We’d be glad to go into detail, comparing the options available, how they can improve the cut-off safety for your particular system, and what would work best for your needs and budget. We also provide ongoing support and maintenance help guidance for existing Eaton DH363urk buyers, especially when changes are involved or adding accessories. It’s how Seagate Controls makes a difference for its customers.