The Beautiful Packaging of the Eaton DM1

The Beautiful Packaging of the Eaton DM1

Eaton has long been a major provider of high quality variable frequency drives or VFDs, and the DM1 series is a working example of this. Designed to fill the gap in the market for mini-VFD units where space and installation are criteria, but quality of performance still matters, the DM1 series handles both commercial and industrial specs without fail.

The Eaton DM1 series VFDs hit all the wants that customers are looking for. The series provides energy efficiency to keep control of utility throughput costs, they are fully rated for robust performance and reliability under high performance stress, the DM1 VFDs also improve energy management efficiency and safety, and the series integrates extremely well with existing equipment and networks. And, training-wise, the DM1 series is very intuitive and easy to learn for system personnel.

Getting started with a DM1 VFD will include a built-in startup walkthrough and related configuration software, Bluetooth integration for remote control and data delivery, and easy input interface choices between a keyboard option or device sync.

In terms of physical dimensions, the DM1 series is particularly advantageous because of its compact size. This makes installation easy, especially in tight quarters where there isn’t much room available to work with in the first place. Units come with built-in Ethernet and serial I/O connections for network communication, so there’s nothing to add in terms of additional hardware.

Power optimization is insured in the DM1 series with a coded algorithm that actively works to control energy waste risk, avoid surge damage, and maintain motor control. Many customers realize immediate energy savings with the DM1 series installation, and Eaton proudly notes the DM1 scores a solid 10 percent improvement in energy savings versus standard VFDs on the market. In addition, the DM1 series is built with solid endurance versus overload spikes, and the internal boards are fully protective-coated as well, in addition to other anti-heat defenses.

Through multiple product lines designed to improve the environment and life in general via power management advancement, Eaton’s goal is to help customers find better ways to make power resources go farther with less consumption. This is doable through electrical and mechanical power systems that can be redesigned to harness available power better with greater output per unit of consumption. The DM1 series VFDs are a classic example of this goal in action, providing multiple core benefits customers need for their power systems and using less space and resources to do so at the same time.

Seagate Controls provides customers a direct connection to the Eaton DM1 series VFDs, along with critical support, guidance and custom account installation direction. That kind of help, partnered with Eaton’s VFD product quality and benefits, goes a long way ahead of the competition and other VFD alternatives available. So, if you’re considering a system upgrade, the DM1 is a perfect choice given all the work Eaton has put into the series. And Seagate Controls team is ready to help spec things out for you. Call or email to find out more.