The 6 Most Underused Google Ads Features

The 6 Most Underused Google Ads Features

We interacted with a PPC company in a small country, and they told us to change the advertising options for Google Ads because he was the only representative of his country. said. Representatives (I believe they told them them. But this is a very strange statement, but it is assumed that many accounts are not often used.

Most of this useful feature was found to be filled in the interface and found that most of this useful feature was filled in the interface. Today’s pillars can consider some of the most commonly used facilities and know what they need to know and what to do about the account.

Advanced bidding

Since most people use bidding for the device’s device, bidding adjustment does not create a list. However, there are three proposed modifications that are rarely used, so let’s take a look at these three types of price adjustments.


If you are using additional phone number information, there is a special info page hidden under the Advanced Bid Adjusts tab.

When you access this tab, you see inter, one of the key metrics that is often not used for calls. domain of usage. Percentage of the number of times the additional phone number information is displayed. This is closely related to cell phone exposure (not exact). If your ad is shown 1,000 times on your phone and the call plugin shows 50% (coverage percentage), then 500 will be displayed where you see the phone number option and where you don’t see the phone number option, and it will be viewed 500 times. .

Currently, this is not a complete representation. In most cases, Google ads will not show the call plugin on mobile devices, but will often show it on desktop devices. Google doesn’t provide a proper explanation as to why the plugin marks the call and why it doesn’t. However, you can use the call rate settings to influence how often the call extension is shown. As this rate adjustment increases, so should your call coverage. If your focus is on receiving calls from mobile devices, this is a great pricing setup.

Superior Content

I’ve seen thousands of Google Ads accounts. I’ve seen this feature used exactly once. This is probably the least used feature of Google Ads, and for good reason, no one knows what it is.

Click Main content under Advanced bid adjustments to see a list of campaigns shown on the display network and the number of times your main content is shown.

This is the number of impressions on a page that Google found to be more popular than other content, have more views per day, and have a higher level of traffic and viewer engagement than other pages.

Google ads does not display conversion statistics for this content. So while we can accept Google’s claim that content is highly interactive, we can’t measure it. If you use a popular product (next mobile phone, videos, etc.), add this type of content to create promotional ads to provide top suggestions for this type of content. Often.

If you focus on the infection, see the list, because this additional cost can actually be on your account.

Demographic modification

The target income is possible in 12 countries. This is that you can adjust the tips at the level of income. We want to confirm the conversion rate for conversion rates and make sure there is a process. In this case, the company sells premium services. The more you earn, the higher your conversion rate.

The company sells cheap products. As sales fall, conversion rates rise.

The only clear trend in conversion rates in these two accounts is revenue. This trend is more pronounced in income than in location, time and even device. If there is a revenue trend, take advantage of it and use the revenue level bid adjustment. The minimum number of extensions
Startup Development Company experienced with Google Ads knows the importance of ad extensions. However, most accounts don’t make full use of extensions.

This account has the two most common issues:

A campaign has no sitelinks. Therefore, 1.6% of spend is on a campaign with no sitelinks.
Some campaigns don’t have the recommended minimum number of extensions
In this case, there is only one website information per campaign. It often happens that someone falls below the minimum number of extensions. You can view the minimum number of ad extensions here

Account-level exceptions and exclusions list

When Google abandoned last year, many companies suddenly started using the app. Most companies that do not advertise their programs perform very poorly in program localization. These false ad clicks won’t change if someone tries to play the mobile game.

This allows people to uninstall all categories of software and then block unclassified software from campaigns running on the Display Network. It takes a lot of time and only wastes valuable time. There is an elimination list you can create. Go to the Tools menu and go to the Delete Locations list.

Here you can create a placement list and then apply it to all of your display campaigns. Another way to perform a mass removal is to access the location exclusions menu. If you add exceptions, you can select the account level and add all those categories, programs and negatives. Video

Aggressive against conservatives against every purpose

When you create a view and add a destination, Google uses a standard province. In other words, Google ads Displays for those who do not miss their destinations. For example, if you have a dynamic residential campaign, you can expect users to view advertisements that you can see on your website. However, Google uses automated destination options to display advertisements for individuals in the list. Because the user has never been on his own website, you cannot see the product in your ad. Conservative targeting can be useful for similar missions on the market, but this is not a good place for the listening list for the first time.

Viewing targeting options for the ad group, you can access the ad group and change and you can’t afford automatic targeting.


The Google Ads interface is very complex and the default settings are often changed.Many computers created by a computer can scan large amounts of data to be human in the future. These recommendations are search engines (default settings), third-party tools make your account easier and useful for yourself, third-party tools can view data and settings you may come. If you’re looking for an automated system to back up, check out what Adalysis offers.

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