Start-Up Registration: What To Know About It All?

Start-Up Registration: What To Know About It All?

Once you are planning to start a venture in business world, you must be informed about everything. Even if you have any idea about your work, a clue about what you might be doing in your start-up and how things are going to be; there is more to all this. 

Well, you need to do proper level of registration before you start your start-up. Have you ever heard about startup India registration? Well, it is legal thing and you must be sure that you execute it rightly or you could never be able to begin your start-up.  You can always take help of professionals who would assist you to begin with your start-up. Have a look at how your start up thing should work and what is important.

Integrate the Business

Before you start you require to incorporate your business as that of Private Limited Company or even a limited Liability Partnership or you can choose it as a Partnership firm.  You must ensure that you get Certificate of Incorporation/Partnership registration, PAN, and varied required compliances before you even step any further.


You must be sure your business is registered as a startup. The entire procedure is simple and can be done online too. All you need to do is sign on to the Startup India website and you can next fill the form with specifications of your business. When your start-up profile is ready, you may persuade further and can make the maximum of government schemes and more.

Promise DPIIT Recognition

Next you must take Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) Recognition. It would assist you get the benefits such as access to good quality intellectual property services as well as resources, self-certification under labor and environment laws, relaxation in public proper procurement norms, and so on. 

Keep your Documents for Registration ready 

  • Incorporation or Registration Certificate of the startup
  • PAN Number
  • Specifications of the Directors
  • Evidence of concept like that of pitch dec, website link or that of video (if a validation or early traction or scaling stage startup)

Have a recognition Number

When you apply, you are going to get recognition number for your startup. The certificate of recognition is going to be issued once evaluation of all your documents gets done. It is mostly done within two days once you have deposited the details online.  But stay confident that you are careful with your uploading of specifications because if anything gets wrong or you make any mistake, you may end up paying substantial fine.

Professionals can help 

There are different types of laws, rules and procedures and if you end up doing anything wrongly, you may encounter consequences. Here, if you take up professional help, it can be advantageous. You can be definite that you get the assistance of experts who are going to manage each and everything for you. They would assist you right from your registration to availing of diverse funds and much more.  


So, register startup India is one thing that you cannot miss out on when stepping into the world of business for your startup. Let experts help you at every step for the best outcomes.