Start a business podcast for your small business

Start a business podcast for your small business

Podcasting is a great way to get in touch with relevant, on demand content to reach out to a massive worldwide audience. The uniqueness of podcast is that unlike other social media it will give you the opportunity to reach out to people on a one on one level during a time that best pleases them.

How can podcast help you in your business?

Having said about its uniqueness over other social media platforms, let’s take a quick look how it can help your small business to grow finer.

  • Attaches a personal feeling
  • Enhances customer support
  • Excellent for product launches
  • Helps in training too

Attaches a personal feeling:

Unlike other social media platforms, podcasts are just not easy to make and deliver but attaches a personal take with it. Whenever a prospect lands up to your website, checking out a podcast helps to develop a relationship too, as he/she can see and hear you demonstrating your product or services.

Enhances customer support:

You must be getting a lot of emails and calls regularly from your clients on various products and services that you offer. While some of them are taken care in the FAQ section of your website, others require detailed explanation most of the time, either on call or via emails. Now, with podcasts you can add another dimension to your customer service. Do record small podcasts to help your customers actually understand how to go about with installation of a product or dealing with the services etc. This will not only save both of your time but build a good reputation of yours in the mind of your customer.

Excellent for product launches:

You don’t really need a PR or a Marketing guy to go door to door to spread the word of your new service or product. All that you can do is ace up your technology skills, develop a podcast stating the excitement of the product or service and roll it out. Before your product is physically available in the market, it is already talking in the town. What more can you look out for?

Helps in training too:

Whether some new associates join you in your startup or you wish to get work done via freelancers, podcasting is a good tool for training too. All what you need to get people understand about the roll, the functionalities, tips, etc can be recorded in the form of a podcast and shown to the audience at the right time. Instead of spending money on webinars, or conferences, podcasts can help you get the same potential in much affordable rates. Think of it!

Here are a few tips to go ahead in the world of podcasting:

Interview guests who are your ideal prospects

Do some research and tap a few of your prospective clients. Get an interview appointment with them. Record the conversation, their feeds about your product or service and get that published. People often get flattered with an interview approach, be it from a company or from the media. Take advantage of it and build your network. Just decide on a topic and shortlist 10 of your prospects and just use them to profile your business and your product/service.

Create an alcove for your ideal prospect

Most people these days are obsessed with the soaring numbers of fans and followers in social media. Well you need to decide on what is most important for you: Is it number of fans in your social media? Or genuine business clientele? It is very important to come out of that number world and get set to deliver content that is target oriented. When you are looking for clients for your business, you genuinely do not need to let your content roar everywhere. Instead make sure it is well heard among the group which is your primary target. So create a niche content that targets your prospective clients.

When your podcast talks to a niche audience, who are your ideal prospects, you get a better advantage than others. As you get a first-hand understanding of their needs and can morph your product or service accordingly to suit their needs finely. When you give them exactly what they require, they will be ready to shell out money for you instantly.

So get set to join the podcasting world and utilize it to the hilt for generating leads in your startup business.