Spring Holiday Must-Haves: High Waist Underwear, Bras, and Swimwear

Spring Holiday Must-Haves: High Waist Underwear, Bras, and Swimwear

Going on a vacation or “holiday” is a brilliant way to step back from work and everyday life. You can enjoy yourself in an idyllic setting. Of course, you must pack all your favorite clothing, including swimwear and intimates like high waist underwear. No vacation comes close to being complete without those essentials. Modern women may find themselves setting aside these must-have articles for the ideal holiday. They help you abandon stress and worries in favor of life away from, well, your life. If you need luxe spring holiday items for your travel bag, read on for other crucial vacation must-haves.

The Perfect Spring Holiday Plan

The perfect spring holiday begins with just an idea of the kind of vacation you want to enjoy. There are beach vacations, luxury resort stays, and city trips with many tourist stops, to name a few. Ultimately, you should lose yourself to the location and find yourself on the vacation. Many consider planning the retreat a part of what makes vacationing fun. You might not intend to blueprint much beyond the setting for your trip, and that’s okay. If that is the case, consider these must-haves to pack in your bag.

Your Must-Haves on Vacation

Whether you feel like an over-packer or an under-packer, you always have a few essentials you cannot live without. It is always nice to feel prepared for everything. However, you do not have to pack every piece of underwear in your wardrobe. In line with that, don’t feel like you have to bring all the swimwear you own. This advice is especially true if you don’t love every swimsuit or intimate in your wardrobe, or if you own conventional designs that do nothing for your boobs, body, and confidence levels. You want to feel good in your body for the entirety of your holiday, let alone once you return home. For that, consider the length of your trip and pack your most current items, including:

• At least two pared-down bra silhouettes

• About 10 pairs of comfortable underwear

• More than one beautiful style (i.e., balconette bras and high waist underwear)

• Two sets of luxury swimwear

A Quick Guide to Holiday-Ready Materials

In addition to considering the silhouettes of your intimates for a vacation, the materials are just as important. Some materials transition through the seasons very well, helping you stay comfortable throughout the year. For your bras and underwear, you will never go wrong with a high-quality performance mesh fabric. Your bra can get added structure from an underwire, but your boobs deserve as much freedom as your mind on vacation. That might mean it’s time to try a new unlined bra. If power mesh is a little too much of a break from what you’re used to, you can opt for a soft microfiber bra and modal underwear.

Your swimwear is obviously different from your intimates, but it can be just as beautiful without frills or excess fabric. A straightforward silhouette for swimwear could instead feature innovative materials like regenerated nylon. A material like this is resistant to whatever you put it up to on vacation, from chlorine or salt water to sunshine and sunscreen. This fabric supports your shape while looking just as good poolside as it does at the beach.

Vacation-Worthy High Waist Underwear

You know what kinds of pieces are essential. You have a concept of the luxury materials used for modern intimates. Now, you may need to find underwear to purchase before your vacation. That is if you do not already own high waist underwear. Either way, it’s never a bad time to give your intimate drawer a refresh.

High waist underwear is the ultimate silhouette for vacations. These pieces are comfortable, flattering, and supportive. You can find high waist underwear with leg openings sitting high on the thigh or choose a more vintage style. These are the kinds of underwear to wear beneath slip dresses, skirts, high waist pants, and loungewear. High waist underwear simply has a way of making you feel sexy and confident. Regardless of other clothing layers, always pack high waist underwear in your bag for a vacation.

The Best Bras for All Spring Holidays

Packing at least two bras gives you an opportunity to bring clothing with a variety of necklines. Some bra silhouettes to consider are balconette bras and demi bras. Balconette bras have more of a square or sweetheart neckline. If you can have both a bra and swim top featuring this shape, you are winning the vacation game.

When it comes to demi bras, there are quite a few ways to describe them. If you’re wondering what is a demi bra, the most straightforward answer is that it’s a basic silhouette. It works with T-shirts, dresses, and loungewear—so you can wear them on literally any vacation. You might want to keep in mind that demi bras don’t always look the same from one bra brand to another. Make sure you find a style that feels comfortable and supportive so you can enjoy every moment of your trip.

Stunning and Supportive Swimwear

After you have your underwear and bras, you can turn your attention to swimwear. Even if you don’t think you’ll need a swimsuit, you should pack one. You never know what kind of adventures you’ll encounter, so it is best to be prepared. While two swimsuits are best for beach vacations or locations with pools, sometimes you only need one. If this is the case for you, bring swimwear that is just as supportive as any other foundational piece. Think of it as a classy, structured piece. You want it to transition from poolside to the dinner table in a heartbeat, should you need it to do that.

Inspiration for Future Getaways

These essential pieces are the kind of items that may end up inspiring you to take more vacations. Why not do that? You certainly deserve it. Many modern women settle for working too much, wearing intimates that don’t fit their body, and getting cheap swimwear. You can work hard, wear beautiful intimates that feel good, and invest in luxury swimwear. You owe it to yourself and your body to get the essentials. They can help you find yourself on vacation—whether you visit a place you’ve been to thousands of times or go somewhere new.

Taking yourself on vacation is nothing short of a luxury, but it’s one every woman deserves. In the same sense, you deserve to enjoy intimates that fit your shape. Modern pieces that support your body can make or break your vacation. The structured, pared-down silhouettes give you a respite from overly frilly, excessive conventional bras, underwear, and swimwear designs. As a contemporary woman, you cannot settle for anything less than luxury and comfort. That is the case when it comes to your holiday and your body. This season, make the most of your getaway and pack the silhouettes that help you feel comfortable and supported the whole trip. After all, no matter where you’re going, you might not want to leave without your underwear.

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