Sponsor license applications increase following Brexit

Sponsor license applications increase following Brexit

With the UK departure at the end of the transitional era, there has been a rise in the demand of British employers for sponsoring license applications. The increasing need to finance licenses for the UK employer has become more difficult under the priority working days. Only ten of the service applications have been accepted each day based on a first-come, first-serve.

One of the significant changes following the UK departure from the EU on the 31st of December 2020 is that workers, in most cases require to sponsor licenses. It is necessary when they need to employ an EU national as the free movement of the laborers of the EU has ended now. It results in surge applications because companies seek to continue their access to attract the best and bright talents worldwide. 

Who are eligible to apply for sponsor licensing?

All employers are eligible to apply for sponsor licensing. If any person has a criminal record or had their licenses revoked during the past twelve months, they cannot apply for it. Every employer should have an appropriate system in their place to keep on monitoring the sponsored employees. It ensures and ongoing compliance.

How can Business owners from overseas qualify efficiently to get a Skilled workers visa?

Business owners can easily sponsor licenses. There are no restrictions on the ownership to share for the visa of skilled workers. Entrepreneurs set up their businesses in the UK and can support themselves if their companies are in the UK. But there must be managing the company in the UK. 

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Recently, UK Chancellor announced the immigration news to sponsor licenses. This change in the immigration rules ensures the salary threshold of skilled workers. The actual salary paid depends on whether he is a new applicant or not and whether there is any shortage in the occupation list.

If the holder of a sponsor license reduces an employee’s salary, they must meet the minimum salary applicable in their last application. 

What are the different types of licenses?

There are various types of sponsor licenses that are available to employers:

Intracompany license for transfer or skilled worker’s license

These get reserved for those who are looking for businesses to hire foreign workers on a long-term basis.

Short term or temporary worker’s license

These get reserved by the companies who are looking to recruit staff on a short-term basis. 

Employers can apply for their licenses that cover any one or both types of employees if necessary.

What are the duties as a sponsor?

An employer who has responsibilities as a sponsor must:

  • Check whether foreign employees have the required skills, professional accreditations, or qualifications to do their jobs. They must also keep copies of those documents.
  • Tell the UK Immigration and Visas if the workers are not conforming to the norms of their visas.
  • Assign the sponsorship certificates only to the workers if the job is suitable for sponsoring.

If the employers fail to meet the above responsibilities, their license will be suspended, downgraded, or may even get withdrawn. Employers are required to bring their systems in place so that they can monitor the sponsored employees. They also need to monitor their work attendance, contact details, and immigration status. The employers must report the UK Immigration and Visas. It is necessary if there is any obstacle, like if an employee stops doing their work.


The changes of the sponsored licensing have impacted not only the paid jobs but also the non-paid jobs like voluntary work for charity. It has affected all those employers who get hired from the outside UK.

As licenses are necessary to sponsor citizens, individuals have now begun their status under their EU settlement. If you want, you can even consult the best immigration solicitors. They will provide you the correct information and advice necessary to get your sponsorship visa successfully.