Some Unusual Cannabis Strains that One Should Try

Some Unusual Cannabis Strains that One Should Try

Marijuana has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. People have discovered sativas, indicas, and hybrids over this time, with hundreds of different cannabis strains falling into each of these categories.

But what about cannabis strains that aren’t as well-known? People are discovering that there is a larger interest and demand for those unusual and exotic buds as time passes and cannabis legalization progresses across the United States. Gone are the days when users would take whatsoever amount of cannabis they could get their hands on and smoke it. The general public has acquired a keen interest in the various marijuana strains that this beautiful plant has to offer.

But what distinguishes an exotic cannabis strain?

While many inexperienced marijuana users may believe that it’s all about the high, true cannabis connoisseurs know that flavor and scent are equally vital. Smoking marijuana is a sensory experience that should not be overlooked for its effects alone. The aroma, the peculiar flavor of the first draw, and even the color of the smoke all contribute to the allure. While the well-known cannabis strains are fantastic and have a lot to offer, the thrill of discovering a new cannabis strain is something to enjoy. Everyone should try at least one exotic strain at least once in their lives, whether for its appearance, flavor, or impact. Exotic Weed Strains for Sale is available at various online stores

The following are some unusual cannabis strains that users should try:

  • The Cool Cannabis Strain-Snowcap: Snowcap is a cannabis strain known for its menthol aromas, and it’s at the top of the list for unusual cannabis strains. With its dark green leaves and light green buds coated in brown pistil hairs, Snowcap is arguably one of the hairiest cannabis strains ever seen. Snowcap has gained its reputation as a cooling marijuana strain by emitting a zesty lemon aroma with traces of menthol. The smoke is smooth and smells just how it tastes, giving the user a fantastic cerebral high that will leave them feeling creative, cheerful, and a little giddy.
  • Malawi Gold is a difficult-to-find marijuana strain- Malawi Gold is a cannabis strain native to Central Africa that is now one of the most difficult to get. This pure Sativa comes from Malawi’s Salima district, and it yields lovely huge golden buds. Malawi Gold provides a cerebral high with roughly 16 percent THC levels, making it a good cannabis strain for persons suffering from mood disorders. However, because the CBD levels in this product are modest, it should be used with caution if the consumer is already suffering from anxiety.
  • Bubba Kush– The Chilled Cannabis Strain– Like many Kush strains, Bubba Kush are known for its significant tranquilizing effects, leaving users in a state of complete relaxation. This indica strain is a prize-winning bud with a tremendous THC content of 27 percent. Bubba Kush is not to be trifled with; it will produce a powerful high that will leave them not just tired, but also couch-locked for hours. Bubba Kush has a great chocolatey flavor that is incredibly comfortable when combined with its sweet and spicy fragrances.