Social Media Kit: what is this document, and what is it for

Social Media Kit: what is this document, and what is it for

The Social Media Kit is one of those steps you can’t ignore when you decide to get serious. And to enter the world of online promotions. Do you want to operate in influencer marketing? Do you think it’s time to make money with Instagram and make all the people who follow your profit? It would help if you had this resource.

We often talk about how difficult it is to make money online, and many approach the web with the idea of ​​opening a social account and monetizing. Adsense is a mirage; with AdBlock, the revenue is halved, and the banners sale is increasingly difficult. The same goes for affiliations that demand large traffic flows.

However, with a good Instagram account and other social accounts, you can intercept companies that need visibility, especially when companies are looking for micro-influencers, people who do not have followers but a loyal community behind them. And you know what? Without an excellent Social Media Kit to support your business, you could work this way. Do you know what I’m talking about?

The Topic Of This Post

  • 1 What is a Social Media Kit: definition
  • 2 For whom you need to create the position paper
  • 3 What to put in the Social Media Kit
  • 4 Have you already created your document?

What is a Social Media Kit: definition

The Social Media Kit is a web page or document to download (perhaps in PDF) that allows the investor to evaluate the numbers and characteristics of an influencer. Usually, this work is made public on a blog’s service pages or shared privately when a client requests it.

So, in other words, if you want to work as a professional in the influencer marketing world (and you want to do it, right?) You must have a Social Media Kit to provide to those who request it. In reality, there is no need for this last point to appear; sending the document can be a default operation with a customer’s request for information. Do all influencers need to have a Social Media Kit?

I don’t know a specific obligation; I don’t think it falls within some official rule, but one thing is certain: if you want to work professionally and without smudging, this is the starting point. If you want to be treated like a professional, you have to present yourself as such.

For whom you need to create the summary document

For companies that outreach bloggers, therefore looking for user profiles for certain digital PR activities. But also for end-users looking for influencers to hire for small promotional activities. The Social Media Kit is a universal tool, and for this reason, it must be designed to be understood by everyone.

A good idea: create a summary of your social profile on a web page and a more detailed conclusion collected in a private document. That is a PDF to be sent by email. A good idea for the latter solution: use a Canva template, easy to structure and graphically pleasing, editable as you like.

What to put in the Social Media Kit

Let’s get to the point: what should I include in a Social Media Kit to make it credible and functional for the purpose? To answer, I start with a second question: what do people and professionals looking for influencers for their businesses want to know? Maybe they are looking for the data they need to make a decision.

General information

So you can structure your Social Media Kit starting from a series of basic information concerning who you are and what you do. Here you can list contacts, starting year, which topic you prefer to address, and where you turn your attention. Usually, here you will find links that lead to your profiles but also documents with official presentations and archive photos to help press officers write any articles, interviews, insights.

Did I already mention the possibility of indicating at this point the topics you face on your channels? Well, highlight this passage by trying to point out which niche you specialize in. Often this is where the eyes of those looking for influencers specialized in certain sectors focus: you have to be precise.

Quantitative data

The first glimpse you can give to those who visit your Social Media Kit: the total number of fans and followers. I know it is not the best from the point of view of the general value, but it is still a number to evaluate. Those who choose an influencer only from the point of view of surface numbers make a mistake, but it is true that these parameters are part of the general synthesis. Then put them on display as graphs to evaluate the evolution over time. Where to get them from? Each platform has its own Insight resource; you can rely on official sources.

Coherence of the channel

In addition to the superficial numbers, you can give clarifications with respect to the topic, as already mentioned, and towards the platform. Where do you orient yourself? On YouTube or on Instagram? There may be media kits that describe in separate paragraphs all the statistics and characteristics of the individual accounts, but you can make your choice easier by indicating which playgrounds you prefer. And what are the pros for those who choose you?

Qualitative data

Here you can focus maximum attention on a decisive factor for those who choose an influencer: engagement, the involvement of the public. All the numbers in this world cannot describe the work done by those who brought a certain number of brand mentions with related conversations in tow. In this case, it can be useful to work with other tools such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Mention, Tagboard, and Talkwalker.

Without forgetting Buzzsumo, is one of the most powerful social media tools. These tools are paid, and if you don’t use them consistently, they can become an unnecessary expense. Do you want some advice? Consider purchasing a one-month plan, just long enough to track your values ​​during an event or job, in order to show the audience of your Social Media Kit some meaningful graphics.

Experiences and results

In part, you can address this issue which should be more carefully defined in the portfolio. Together with the numbers, in fact, you can give the potential customer a taste of what you have done for other contacts.

The strong point: giving concrete data to obtain useful reflections. Every time you mention a point, a documentable experience, you can add graphics and numbers capable of confirming the quality of what you have offered to your best customers. Here, a Social media Kit can send you a link to the portfolio, but it must give a concrete taste of what brought your influencer business on Instagram or elsewhere.

Have you already created your document?

All this concerns the social universe, but you must consider that a page dedicated to the media kit for Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms must be hosted on a website. Better still, if it’s a blog, you can take advantage of the inbound marketing logic to intercept potential customers looking for influencers.

To operate in this world and become the protagonist of a promotional campaign or even a blog tour, you can move in different ways. Professionals offer saving bond  potential clients a document that can describe their work and help the client decide. What do you do? Do you want to create a Social Media Kit?